Capricorn female Love Relationship with Aquarius male

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It is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the pairing of these two sun signs. A love relationship between this woman and man can run smoothly on course for long periods of time. That is, until the day she passes a humiliating and incomprehensible remark in front of a group of friends or family, or suddenly decides to turn things upside down because of a change of opinion or plans. The very first thing that an Aquarian woman has to learn when she becomes involved with a Capricorn is to love and respect his family as her own. Capricorn wants all the effort and anything else Aquarius has to give to be centred around the home. He does not like the interest that Aquarius shows in other people. Aquarius doe not like confinement or restriction at all, and may fly the coop to go out into the world to discover something more meaningful. There is a huge difference in values and personality here. Capricorn is organised, while Aquarius seldom is. There are too many other differences as well, and unless they have other compatible aspects in their birth charts, it will in all probability, not be a long-lasting affair. A strong mutual interest in money or financial security and some form of self-sacrifice will enter into the relationship.

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