Capricorn female Love Relationship with Capricorn male

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There is great compatibility between these two signs, which should make for an enduring relationship. Both have similar aspirations and the basic qualities to attain them. The goats are silently ambitious and tough. Capricorn man admires the strength of his Capri partner. Both possess virtues of patience and tenderness that help to build a strong and passionate relationship. They both have the same faults, which may keep fault-finding down to a minimum. With important issues, they would both have what it takes to overcome any hardship. Emergencies bring out the best in them. Physical aspect of their love will be a source of releasing all their unspoken emotions. A great recipe for a happy relationship. The biggest problem will be keeping things lively and new. With the calculative and planned moves they make, there would hardly be an element of surprise and freshness in their lives. They are of course both alike in their values and in many of their actions. Things could become too serious in the long run and stubbornness could cause alienation. If they can get over such things and communicate once in a while, they may enjoy the things that make their personalities alike.

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