Capricorn female Love Relationship with Gemini male

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The Saturn-ruled Capricorn will be at odds with the Mercury-ruled Gemini. While his approach is realistic, the Gemini twin often fuses the real world with her imagination. The goat might not be able to comprehend how this Gemini girl cannot see simple and plain things. There are certain essential differences in their natures and temperaments. An annoyed goat is silent and sullen but an upset Gemini girl is bitter and sarcastic. Patience is a virtue with Capricorn, but not so with Gemini. Regardless of opposition, Capricorn`s great drive to excel will prove a bit too much for Gemini. The natural need to communicate for Gemini can get a bit bogged down under the influence of Capricorn. However, it`s not all bad, because there are complimentary factors at play with the experience of Capricorn and the high-spirited Gemini. Some endeavours from her side to slow down and heed the good advice of her sensible Capricorn mate could prevent dissension and unhappiness in the relationship. They need to agree to a truce before getting on with things. If together they can overcome the initial difficulties, anything is possible!

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