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Taurus Family Horoscope 2021

As we start a new chapter of life, we long to share the good times with gatherings of friends and family members. It can be pleasurable to share the good of life with others. On January 28th Venus moves into Capricorn which ensures that you are able to meet many new friends. You tend to be a person who values quality over quantity – counting strong friendships on one hand satisfies you, but you may find a great deal of personal popularity coming your way at the start of this year. On February 22nd Mars moves into Taurus which makes you very active regarding your obligations to friends and family. Earth signs are motivated by being of practical use to people and this will spur you on – for nothing is too much to ask. 

On March 17th Venus moves into Pisces which brings a great deal of joy to your encounters with others. This is a time for opportunity, experience and adventure and for enjoying every little moment shared with loved ones. By April 10th Venus moves into Aries which prompts meaningful time with family. You are a home bird anyway and family is likely to be very important to you, if not the most important thing in your life. Spending close time with them has a way of healing you at a soul level and you should always make time for this consistently as time goes by. This is a good time to reinforce the meaning of family and to reflect on how you spend your time with them.

On May 1st Mercury moves into Taurus which boosts your popularity. You are naturally easy to get along with due to your steadfast, relaxed nature and new friends will emerge left, right and centre making this a very exciting time for you. Family bonding may occur as of June 22nd as Venus moves into Cancer, the sign of home and family. You crave nourishment and nurturing from many sources. By July 25th, Mercury moves into Cancer which can trigger moodiness and arguments that may manifest in your closest relationships. We tend to take out the worst parts of ourselves on those we love the most. This is a tendency you must watch for if you are to protect those you love.

On August 11th Venus moves into Virgo and you can expect some happy tidings from family – perhaps an auspicious event or birth. Brace yourself for good news! Venus moves into Libra on September 6th and you’ll receive good news from the maternal side of your family as well. There is much to be grateful for. You may experience some personal challenges that manifest in your friendships. Nonetheless, others will support you. Your bonds run deeper than any temporary upset. You should remember this if you get into black and white thinking or start to feel stubborn, true bonds are not easily broken by the slings and arrows of life. Your loyal heart is a strong motivator. 

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