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Pisces Family Horoscope 2021

You hold friends and family close to your heart and are fairly sentimental. Parodoxically you can also be distant, aloof and a little elusive often because you are lost in a world thick with imagination. This fantasyscape is your favourite place to linger and the best of your friends will meet you there. This duality in your nature can be difficult for people to understand but they’ll be rewarded with a truly beautiful friendship if they try. 
With Venus moving into Sagittarius on the 4th January you may experience some challenges if you are a parent with troublesome children. Boundaries and consistency will do much to assist you here. On February 22nd Mars moves into Taurus bringing plenty of warmth to your relationships and drawing people closer to you. At this time you may be especially impressive to others without even thinking about it. By March 10th Venus moves into Aries and the good times are upon you. 
You’ll be more extroverted and outgoing with friends and may even act somewhat out of character; spontaneity, impulsivity and action will be common in your social life. These will be the so called ‘Halcyon days.’ By May 1st Mercury moves into Taurus which can trigger troubles with relatives. You may be stubborn and dismissive in your dealings with them and should try to find a way to reach a middle ground. We don’t always have to agree with those we love but we do need to be respectful of our differences. By the 7th July Mercury moves into Gemini and this energy draws many people to you. It’s a great time for making new friends but you may also turn up a little superficial. You’ll be fun but hard to pin down and rely on. You may not be around for the deeper or darker problems or functions that show up in friendship. 
By August 9th Mercury moves into Leo and foes may turn into friends – this is the particular brand of charisma you hold right now and it can be very impactful indeed. You’ll be able to win over all sorts of people. Jupiter moves into Capricorn on the 14th September which can draw attention to conflicts between friends and family members. It’s important that you do not shy away from what comes to light, instead let it teach you more about how you want to connect with others. 
What lessons can you learn from this period? On November 21st Jupiter moves into Aquarius which draws out your sociable side. You’ll probably have a packed diary and be spending plenty of time with wide groups of friends for you give everyone a fair chance. By December 5th Mars moves into dynamic Scorpio and some worries may come to light regarding your siblings. Voice your worries so that you don’t stagnate. Scorpio is gutsy and you may seek out some transformations in your friendships. If something or someone no longer works for you, you’ll desire change. Step into the power that comes with this placement and you’ll find there is plenty to enjoy.

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