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Aries Family Horoscope 2021

Friends and family form the bedrock of our personal life and as such it is important to check in with the influence that the stars have on this part of our world. On January 4th Venus moves into Sagittarius which can foster powerful bonds between you and a particular friend. You may find that someone you have known for a long time begins to take on romantic significance in your life. If the friendship is one you treasure, you may wish to tread more cautiously so that the love can unfurl with time and the friendship can be protected. 

On February 4th Mercury moves into Capricorn which causes friends and family members to gather supportively regardless of what is going on in your life. You’ll really see who is there for you at this time. Your friendships become harmonious, magical and serene as of March 17th as Venus moves into Pisces. You may find it far easier to open up with others and friendships can become a space of great healing and serenity which holds big appeal for you right now!

On the 6th April, with Mercury moving into Pisces, there is a need to turn inward and potentially to ignore the call of friends and family. This isn’t personal, just something that you need to do for your own wellbeing. Others will understand and respect your boundaries so long as you are open and honest but being an Aries, this shouldn’t be difficult for you! 

By May 26th Mercury moves into playful Gemini which drives you to seek out fun experiences. You’ll want to be social and spend time with those you love and adore. Your more extroverted and excitable side may come to the forefront. Gemini can never quite get enough of other people – spending time with people rejuvenates and refreshes them. By June 3rd, Mercury moves into stable Taurus which encourages you to take your responsibilities seriously. 

This may mean that you visit or care for older family members or support friends who are going through challenging times. This time can draw out a more argumentative and prickly side to your nature. Ruled by fire, you may find yourself engaging in spats over non-existent issues. Try to take some time and space for yourself so that you can decompress and not take your nature out on others – they will understand and you will avoid burning bridges.

By November 21st, Jupiter moves into Aquarius and it’s crucial that you are careful not to pay too much attention to the advice of close friends and family. They may steer you wrong unconsciously or because they are trying to stir trouble out of envy, fear or boredom. Tap into your intuition and trust what your gut is telling you to do. Others cannot always know what the best course of action to take may be. 

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