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Virgo Family Horoscope 2021

Respect is very important to you. Without it, it is very difficult for you to feel truly liked or loved. The gravitas and magnetism of this sign brings respect from friends and family members which helps you to feel comfortable and appreciated. By April 6th Jupiter moves into Capricorn which increases the time you spend with family. You may enter into some form of self-improvement together such as a course, hobby or some type of religious experience. You’ll be drawn to experiences that enable you to grow and tighten as a unit and to move past old unhelpful patterns and into something better. 

On May 4th Venus moves into Taurus which assists you with making new friends of the same age. Although you come to friendship slowly, once you commit to someone you are a lifelong friend even though your style of friendship may be a little distant at times. People know that they can depend on you when it truly matters.

On July 20th Mars moves into Leo and you may struggle with some challenges in your personal life. Your natural inclination may be to withdraw and bury your head in the sand but Leo blends your nature with feistiness making you more likely to tackle difficulties head on. By August 11th Venus moves into Virgo and you may attract bad company and be exposed to bad influences. Because you tend to be such a perfectionist and put high standards and expectations upon yourself, there can sometimes be periods of self-sabotage or of going the opposite way. The lesson here is to loosen up a little, to give yourself a little wriggle room and to adopt a less all or nothing approach. Try to maintain your integrity, especially within friendships. Build your self-esteem so that you don’t just end up saying yes to get along when what you really want to say is no. Stay true to yourself – you don’t need to be validated. 

By September 14th, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and you will be exploring the values and ethics that you hold as a family unit. Morality may become an important part of your friendships. What are the characters of the people you surround yourself with? By October 30th, Venus moves into Sagittarius, and fun and support are on the cards. This is a great time to breathe and let loose and to enjoy the people around you. Parties, games and new experiences are all on the agenda.

On November 2nd Mercury moves into Libra which benefits your family relationships bringing tact, fairness and equality to the fore. Understanding, compassion and respect will be strong. This time will create a wonderful nest of support. Remember that friends and family are there as our network. We don’t need to go it alone. Likewise acknowledging your need for solitude, autonomy and independence is important too – taking time away from people is essential for your development and healing. Striking some kind of balance between the two suits you best.

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