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Libra Family Horoscope 2021

As is the case with all air signs, Libra natives live and breathe friendship. It is absolutely crucial for you to have a strong core group of friends whom you can rely upon as well as many acquaintances who you can spend more casual enjoyment with. Your social threshold is pretty large and therefore it takes all sorts of connections for you to find fulfilment. Understanding that you need to dance between people and scenarios can be very empowering for you. By January 4th Venus moves into fun loving Sagittarius creating a strong need for socialisation and extroversion. This will also manifest as closer bonds with younger siblings. You may serve as somewhat of a role model to them. 

By February 4th with Mercury moving into Capricorn, you’ll enjoy many new friendships. This sense of novelty is important to you and you’ll find that the world is simply made of friends you haven’t met yet. This is a great opportunity to expand more social horizons and meet many more fascinating people. By May 29th Venus moves into playful Gemini and it becomes important that you do not expect too much from friends and family members at this time. 

You naturally have high expectations and this is important for it enables you to set clear boundaries and utilise your self-respect, however Gemini can play a little fast and loose with friendship, keeping a vague hold on others and not making strong commitments. You may find that people are not investing deeply on an emotional or mental level at this time. Instead, you should try to go inside and give yourself the love, care and attention that you ideally require from others.

On June 2nd Mars moves into Cancer which can trigger conflict due to a heightened sense of emotional volatility or prickliness. You may be easily impacted and influenced by what is going on around you, including the moods of others. Protecting yourself from others intentions and energy will make a difference here. Do not take on what is not yours. Quarrels and arguments with friends and family are likely, but you will recover from them due to your diplomatic nature. You always strive for peace. 

By July 25th as Mercury moves into Cancer, you’ll develop a more cordial relationship with your father, which is especially wonderful if you have previously experienced a lot of tension or stress in this connection.  Goodness will be extended to your brother marking this as a wonderful time to beautify family connections and strengthen bonds. On September 6th harmony is experienced owing to Venus moving into enchanting Libra. Your friendships and family relationships may take on an almost story book quality. You’ll enjoy and appreciate the peace. 

Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 30th which deepens strong connections with younger relatives. Sagittarius understands youth because it never truly gives up – you’ll be able to understand your children, nieces and nephews easily. By November 21st, Jupiter moves into Aquarius which brings good tidings from those younger than you. There is plenty to anticipate. On December 8th, Venus moves into Capricorn and quality time becomes essential. You value this over quantity and might bring a tight-knit group of friends closer.

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