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Sagittarius Finance Horoscope 2021

Our ability to accrue money is impacted by many factors including our attitude towards it and our ability to be inventive and creative. Abundance is drawn to us when we think abundantly and with Venus in Capricorn on 28th January, this comes very naturally to you and is worth bearing in mind as the year proceeds. The start of this year is very financially successful and you are in a very comfortable position. It’s easy for you to save, seek advice and make wise investments. You have to guard against a tendency to have a very relaxed attitude to money – you tend to be very content about the fact that money can come and go and this may cause you to trigger plenty of financial feasts and famines. 

If you can bring balance to your financial world you will feel far more secure and be able to weather the ups and downs that any year can bring. By February, as Mercury heads into Capricorn on the 4th, you’ll start tapping into your own instincts regarding money. You idealise freedom and therefore if you can earn without feeling tied to a company, boss or organisation, you’ll feel very happy indeed. It’s very common for Sagittarius natives to find more than one way to make money and you’ll be exploring different options and passions available to you. In spring they may be a gentle financial downturn and your financial rewards may not reflect your hard work.

This is only temporary though so don’t be concerned. By July, high expenses begin to die down and you get your footing again thanks to Mars moving into motivated Leo on the 20th. August sees your finances grow and blossom and the correlation between how hard you work and what you earn is undeniable with Mercury’s move into Virgo on the 26th making your next steps obvious. You end this year with some final brilliant ideas on how to add to your finances.

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