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Gemini Finance Horoscope 2021

You may project some worries onto your financial world at the start of this year due to the rather heavy impact of Mars in Taurus on the 22nd February but remember you have ultimate control especially around your attitude and outgoings when it comes to your spending. The Gemini approach to money can be fair-weather, that is some days you spend a lot and some days you spend nothing. Try to be consistent and you’ll farewell. The beginning of the year through to April sees you enjoying great financial profit with options to save and invest as well as to buy things of worth and value. Key placements to watch, which keeps you intuited when it comes to money. Venus in Aries on the 10th April can make you innovative and enterprising. There will be opportunities for travel this year so some expenses can arise, however when it comes to travel you should almost always say yes for this is a key part of your nature and mission and purpose in this world. Money may come to you via dalliances in the media, art world or realm of performing arts and communication.

 Be open to unusual ways of making money especially with your own sign of Gemini in Venus on May 29th, the rulebook will be thrown out! The Gemini nature is one of flexibility and you may find many channels of revenue to explore. There’s no need to stick to just one. July is a great time to invest with Mercury in Cancer from the 25th onwards encouraging you to think of the future and your finances only continue to grow as the year marches on. 

By the end of the year, you’ll either have plenty of savings, strong investments or have spent money on plenty of rewarding experiences. There is also an urge to spend on gifts and trinkets for loved ones, especially children and young relatives. This is a year of prosperity; enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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