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Aries Finance Horoscope 2021

Mercury in Aquarius has your back on the 25th as you begin 2021 in a very fortunate place with immediate financial gain. This is certainly not a bad way to start the year at all! This is a professionally excellent period in which you’ll be rewarded for work completed in the past as well as the present. You may also see some financial gain come in from overseas depending on your line of work thanks to the help of Venus in Aquarius on the 21st. This is a great time to make wise investments and keep your money safe allowing it to grow and serve you in the future. 

You may spend a lot of money on travel and this is a good period of time to look at any unnecessary expenses that may be building up. Do you need that daily coffee? Can you put some money in a piggy bank instead? By 14th April there may be a slight dip in your financial fortune and a few investments may incur a loss due to the frenetic nature of Mars in Gemini but as of May 14th, you’ll see financial gains spilling in from property and may spend money on travel. You’ll also start reflecting on a more strategic and enjoyable source of income. It will keep things at an even keel. Mercury in Leo can bring some financial instability or tension that needs to be addressed on the 9th. This is nothing to worry about, just a time to reflect on your financial habits.

By 5th December some unexpected monetary profit will come your way which rounds things off nicely! This is Mars in Scorpios way of bringing you some surprise rewards! You’ll also begin thinking about new ways to expand your financial horizons in 2022 and with what you’ve learnt this year; there will be lots to explore!

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