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Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2021

As a fixed sign, holding onto money comes rather naturally to you. 2021 is a year of great financial stability and growth and you’ll do well from the beginning with Venus in Sagittarius making you lucky from the 4th. You begin the year in a very financially comfortable place which affords you freedom when it comes to considering your next steps. You may spend quite a lot out on travel particularly but this is balanced by a healthy flow of money coming in. 

You may struggle to save at the start of this year but just do what you can. You continue to accrue and build money up until March as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th and by May 29th you’ll be able to think about making some investments, saving your money and making some meaningful purchases as Venus moves into Gemini, a sign who understands that it always has options to explore. 

They’ll also be enough left over for some fun presents and trips out for yourself and loved ones. Some profit may also come in via cash or jewellery. Keep attuned to the various ways that money and wealth can flow to you and make sensible, advantageous decisions. You are not sentimental about possessions which enables you to see them for their worth and buy and sell sensibly. September is another period where your financial life sees a great push and you may begin a new venture or pour money into a project. On the 14th, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and things are set to serious with finance being the name of the game. As the year rounds off, you are financially set and end the year in a far better position. Understanding that money can be made in many ways and not just in conventional industries can stand you in good stead for the following year.

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