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Pisces Finance Horoscope 2021

You may begin this year with fairly high expenses but this may simply be because there are essential and necessary payments that you need to be making. At least you are making these payments at the start of the year! As such, dig deep and focus on the payments that you need to be making and save whatever else you can. Move your mindset to needs rather than wants until you gain a little financial momentum. You’ll have further opportunities to reflect on your earnings and savings on March 17th as Venus moves into Pisces when you might be able to dig a little deeper into your financial goals for the future. 

Are you spending on things you need, or want? Are there places where you can make impactful savings? Do you have a few habits that are not benefitting you as well as they could be? Fortunately, by April you’ll find that the sun allows you to tap into a place of prosperity and financial gain is assured. Stability and security follow which may encourage you to look into investments. Your effectiveness at the workplace sees you rewarded with profit in July thanks to the abundance of Mars in Leo from the 20th. 

Your financial situation continues to improve across the duration of summer and as we wind down into autumn and winter, you’ll experience a financial top-up from an unexpected place from the 8th onwards thanks to Venus in Capricorn – this may manifest as a gift. Your understanding of money is that it can come and go (like water) but if you dig deep you can actually do very well financially for yourself, building yourself a deep ocean of wealth rather than a shallow ditch.

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