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Leo Family Horoscope 2021

Drawn to passion, theatrics and fun, harmony doesn’t matter much to you, but with Venus moving into Sagittarius on the 14th, harmony is the name of the game! This much-needed sense of peace will do you the world of good and make connections more synergistic. You don’t need big feelings constantly to feel close. Perhaps this is something you will learn. On the 21st February Venus moves into Aquarius which helps you to connect with new friends. Aquarius is very fixed and loyal and once it makes a connection, finds it very difficult to walk away. Make sure that you are drawn to healthy people and keep your boundaries and expectations high. It takes time to truly know people. 

On March 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you’ll find that family flock to support you. Your ego will be highly responsive to this! Make sure that you return the favour! As of April 1st, Mercury moves into Pisces and you’ll spice up social gatherings tremendously. People always invite you because your confidence and magnetism enlivens any event, although sometimes you do tend to dominate and take over. If you can hold back a little and let other people step into the spotlight from time to time, you’ll notice that things operate smoothly. 

On May 29th Venus moves into Gemini and you’ll feel supportive of your family members, taking great pride in fulfilling your obligations, responsibilities and duties. Mentally and emotionally, you’ll be there through thick and thin and have an almost psychic understanding of what others need.

On June 3rd, Mercury moves into Taurus, a sign which simply loves to get along. Laidback, patient and immensely calm, you’ll display loyalty and compassion to those you adore, as well as plenty of practicality and level-headedness. People may come to you when they need some calm. You’ll feel like an Oasis. By July 20th, as Mars moves into Leo there may be some discord amongst family members, but there will be plenty of affection from friends. This duplicity can be confusing but you should strive for balance and try to mend and heal family spats.

By September you may feel compelled to meet up with an old friend as Venus moves into Libra on the 6th. You have a special affinity for people from your past and may find ways to bring them into your present. A beautiful sense of nostalgia may be experienced. You’ll want to travel with family. Adventure is never far from your mind even if it usually comes down to others to make the arrangements! 

By November 21st Jupiter moves into free-wheeling Aquarius and you attend as many social gatherings as possible. The life and soul, Aquarius and Leo both love to be with people, Aquarius in a more aloof way and Leo in a way of warmth. This combination can be intense and exciting indeed and lead to many surprising and enjoyable events. Your confidence is a draw so make sure that you keep your spirits up.

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