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Capricorn Career Horoscope 2017

Early in the year, you will feel stagnant and sluggish at work, Capricorn, as though you are not getting ahead quickly enough. This will be a challenge for you, my friend, as you prefer to be on the fast track in career endeavors. This slow period will last until June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo, and then you will see an amazing shift in your work pattern. This shift to faster paced success will be a direct result of your generosity toward a particular coworker.


This is the Universe repaying you for sharing gratitude. Success at work will continue throughout the remainder of the year. On September 10, you may even see a promotion come your way. These exciting work trends will continue throughout the end of 2017 if you remember not to get caught up in all of the pomp and circumstance. Stay close to your roots, and remember those who have helped you become successful.

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