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Aries Career Horoscope 2017

Career-wise, my passionate friend, you may find you have less patience with your work this year than in previous years. You are feeling less than refreshed work-wise, but this is not the time to quit. You hate being bored, Aries.  In fact, boredom and stagnation are your two biggest pet peeves, and you will feel most under pressure early in the year, around late January, when Saturn moves into Sagittarius. Your inclination will be to get out fast and find a new project, but remember your year's projections. If you stick with it, and cultivate a little patience, good things will come.


Cool your fire a bit this year when it comes to career, Aries. Take it in stride and let it be for a while. If you wait until September, when Jupiter transits from Virgo to Libra, a new, more exciting project will make its way to your desk. When this happens, you will feel your career fires rekindle.

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