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Capricorn Horoscope 2017

Your ambition is impressive, Capricorn. You aspire to great things, and expect nothing but ultimate success in love, business and family. The Universe respects your desire to succeed, but in 2017, you will need to step carefully regarding the path you take on your way to success. Remember that although you are industrious and competitive, you have many people surrounding you that are a huge support system.  Don't forget these important people; remember to continually give them thanks and kudos. Loyalty to your support system can only bring you greater reward, Capricorn.

Be very careful not to step on anyone's toes this year. In January, a close friend will ask you for help. Take the time to assist this person, even though you are very busy with your own personal endeavors, as it will reinforce a loyal friendship that you will depend on later in the year. Your continued quest for success in business will bring you a slow and steady financial gain, beginning in February and culminating in June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo. You will be congratulating yourself on your efforts at this time, Capricorn, but be careful not to get a big head. Remember all those other people in your life who have helped you along. Two coworkers in particular have been crucial to this new financial gain; offer them congrats and share some of your profit.

This year, you will need to spend some time offering recognition and gratitude to coworkers, lovers, friends and family. You love to be recognized and appreciated, Capricorn, and now it is your turn to give, rather than receive. Write thank-you notes, make homemade brownies, buy flowers and give everyone you know and love an extra pat on the back. You will find that when you are consistently generous, loving and positive, the Universe will respond in kind. The more you give, the more you get, my Earthy friend, in ways that you can't even imagine!

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