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Aries Horoscope 2017

The coming year has much excitement in store for you, passionate Aries. There will be challenges to overcome, new lessons to learn and life issues to face head on, but with your optimistic nature and natural born leadership skills, you can take all of this in an easy stride. The year will bring you success in multiple ways, my fiery friend, if you continue to harvest that famous positive attitude. Although you prefer success to come to you quickly, this year you will have to develop a bit more patience than your red-hot spirit is used to handling.

It certainly won't be easy for your hot-blooded, restless self, but understand that in 2017, time and patience will bring you interesting and wonderful rewards. There is no time for negativity: keep your eyes on the prize and your mind in a calm place, and you will get through the year in true fire sign style...a blaze of glory! This is the time for you to practice what you do best, Aries. Use your tremendous and vibrant energy to focus entirely on yourself:  your health, spirituality, goals and aspirations. If a new opportunity to treat yourself comes along, don't hesitate to jump, and always keep your energy dazzling and optimistic, no matter what new obstacles attempt to obscure your path.

Remember to keep those occasional moody moments and tiny tantrums under control, especially around early May, when Mercury directs in Aries, as this is the crucial month of the year for you. You will feel as if you're being tested, in strength and character, with different issues during the month, but a constant reinforcement of your innate positivity will help you sail through May unscathed and possibly bring about some exciting new surprises for you throughout the rest of the year.

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