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Scorpio Career Horoscope 2017

In January, when Saturn moves to Sagittarius, you will find yourself having some negative thoughts about your career, Scorpio. In fact, you are already pondering whether or not to change your work situation, possibly to do something completely new. You will feel added pressure at work at this time, particularly regarding a specific coworker whose ideas simply don't mesh with yours. This pressure will increase through April, and the time to make that big decision regarding work will be between April and June.


If you really want to make a career change, you should do it around June 21, with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. At this time, a career change will be very positive.  If it is something completely different than you are used to, Scorpio, don't be nervous. This change will bring a refreshing positivity to your life, and your new career will flourish.

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