Monthly Tarot Reading for July 2021 By Tarot Mansi

Tue, Jun 29, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jun 29, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Monthly Tarot Reading for July 2021 By Tarot Mansi

It is the month of relationships, commitments, reunions and reconciliations. It is the month of harmony, romance, peace, concord and prosperity.

Monetary success is suggested during this time. Purchase of property can be contemplated. A good time spent with friends and family in a favourite place would make you happy.

Travel is suggested this month. One will feel spiritually awakened and enlightened.

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ARIES Tarot July 2021

You have been trapped in the feeling of restriction for quite some time. Things and situations would get sorted out in due course, but you seem to have lost all hope. Your actions may not get you the desired freedom.


The wheel simply goes round, which signifies the need to be adaptable. It represents fortune, luck and change. Fate shall play its role. Changes are likely at work, home or in relationships. The key to success is the adaptability to change with the flow of time.

Faith in the positive aspects of life would really make it all come true. It would help if you used the present opportunities to improve your circumstances.

Overall it's a month to grow with luck, love and faith in destiny.

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TAURUS Tarot July 2021


It's a beautiful month for success, a union based on commitment. This is the month for growth, happiness, love, empowerment and creativity.

You will be in progress, planning for the attainment of desired goals.

Emotionally it will be a balanced month. You will have full support from your family and friends. There is a focus on a new environment, a very suitable time to procure new employment.

This is the time for the completion of new projects.


It will help if you are cautious toward the partner or relationship in general.


It is the time for great spiritual growth and learning. The changes observed are from within rather than on the physical level.


GEMINI Tarot July 2021

This is the month for self-understanding, time for reflection. It's the period for knowledge, wisdom and spirituality. As a result, you are likely to be successful in the study you wish to take up.

You are likely to have realised your spiritual purpose and means to achieve it. You shall now be able to work towards your ultimate fulfilment.

You may find yourself thinking about moving on in life towards a new setting. However, lots of hard work is to be done to achieve desired goals.

New opportunities are coming with happiness, love and joy. It's the time for pleasure, nourishment, fertility, abundance and spiritual fulfilment.

BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS to happen. Love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, sympathy and harmony.

Good news to come from abroad. New collaborations to happen soon in new projects.


CANCER Tarot July 2021

This is the month of progress and achievements. Finally, all your struggles seem to have finished.

Strained relationships would soon be mended, and the relationship will develop further.


Time for victory and success. God will grant all your wishes. You will be emotionally secure and content; a great deal of harmony is foreseen. You are likely to achieve money in abundance. You are likely to meet a person who can give sound business advice and financial assistance. Business seems to hold a promise of success. All materialistic comforts are available.

A good partnership or bond in friendship or love. MARRIAGE or a deeper commitment is seen.


LEO Tarot July 2021

You have a new understanding of life now. Your mind is calm, composed and stress-free. You may be ready to move to a new place. All your anxieties have gone away now. The focus is on challenges overcome by you.

Perfect time for business people. All creative people, acting, writing, architecture, and music, will help you get recognised and appreciated. However, you need to trust your instincts and continue working steadily towards your ideals.

 GOOD news is indicated this month, especially from overseas.


It affirms strength, swiftness, hope and love in the relationship, allowing both the partners to indulge in what they like. 


VIRGO Tarot July 2021

This is the month of opportunities that exist in life for happiness, love and joy.

It's a beautiful month for emotional satisfaction in life.

A sense of fulfilment and peace and spirituality. In this month, the development of intuition, nourishment, fertility and abundance will be foreseen.

LOVE is in the air for all Virgo people. Therefore, an equal partnership in both the partners with deeper commitment or marriage is expected.

It is indeed a blessed period. It would be a time to say bye to all the stress that has been troubling you. Destiny is now favouring infinite possibilities in life. You can experience a channel of healing energy into your own life.


LIBRA Tarot July 2021

You feel stressed because of past situations. You have to avoid arguments because your reputation may be at stake.

It's now time for new beginnings, new journeys, creation, invention, enterprise and birth. You may be connected to travel, which may be linked to a relationship.


In this month, good fortune, luck and change can be expected. In addition, circumstances will change for good. So optimism should be high on your list.

A perfect month for investments like schemes, policies, equity, stocks or properties. You may be putting some money on a rainy day. Stability of finances and relationships. 


SCORPIO Tarot July 2021

In this month, all scorpions will tend to plan towards desired goals. As a result, you are likely to be innovative and logical in work or professional life.

TRAVEL is indicated on the work or professional front.

The focus is on aspirations and ambitions. You are likely to meet someone as an advisor in business and work-related matters.

Lots of growth in money, peace and harmony can be foreseen. 

With the accomplishment of goals, you can reap the rewards of the efforts you have put in till now. You will enjoy a good investment as it would be significant financial rewards. Good fortune will go hand in hand. Expansion of a project through hard work can be foreseen.



The most promising situation in life. Contentment, healing, growth, love, purpose, planning and action towards desired goals. Liberation and infinity of free will.

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SAGITTARIUS Tarot July 2021

This is the month for hard work in the profession. You will put your serious efforts into work and relationship both.

This is the month of stability and consolidation.

The realisation of goals will make you focus on relationships. Then, the purchase of a property can be contemplated.

Good time spent with friends and family in a favourite place. 


You have to be more responsible for all your decisions. Circumstances concerning legalities and partnerships are to be monitored wisely. Legal decisions are in your favour.

You can reap the rewards of the efforts which you sow. Good finances and stability in the relationship is indicated.


CAPRICORN Tarot July 2021

This is the month of hard work and attaining goals. A passionate approach towards work to fulfil desired goals.

Growth in money, work and developing new skills. Creative talent could turn into a profitable project.


To succeed, you will have a pragmatic approach to life despite the limitations that confront you. You need to make the best of it by laying solid foundations that shall finally lead to success.

Harmony and peace will come in life; self-confidence and self-satisfaction will make you feel on top of the world.

A month for womanhood and motherhood, Very strong support coming from the woman in your life. Wisdom is seen in both your professional and personal life. 


AQUARIUS Tarot July 2021

This is the spiritual and intuitive month; listen to your heart. FOLLOW your dreams; only your powerful dreams are trying to convey a message to you.


This month you will receive utmost affection from your families and friends. The stronger relationship that both partners tend to consider the relationship will be or the more pleasurable.

Projects are likely to be rewarded with success.

Good time for births, weddings and material prosperity.


Success in life is foreseen. Also, the significance of knowledge and intuition. There is a certain sense of mystery and secretiveness. Psychic and spiritual development is seen this month. Trust your intuition for your progress in life.


PISCES Tarot July 2021

This is the month of completion of projects.

There is a focus on the recognition of talent and hard work. As a result, you may be deputed on a project which would benefit you in the long run.

Beautiful month for a relationship; romance is in the air.

Financial gains are foreseen this month. Overall stability is seen. Growth in money, investments and profit gains.

You can rethink your priorities, like further studies, a holiday, or even set another line of work.

You are likely to receive encouraging news and assistance. In addition, favours done in the past are likely to be returned.

Domestic changes are likely to take place. Therefore, you desire to explore the opportunities for fulfilment.

 Meeting up with friends and relatives is indicated this month, overall a feeling of happiness and success.


Tarot Mansi 

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