Buying A Property? Don’t Miss Shubh Muhurats in June for Luck & Fortune

Wed, May 22, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, May 22, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Buying A Property? Don’t Miss Shubh Muhurats in June for Luck & Fortune

In the blink of an eye, we are already in the sixth month of the year, i.e., June. 

The good news is that June, like May, is brimming with Shubh Muhurats, making it the ideal time for all your meaningful activities. Whether naming your little one or embarking on a new business venture, this month will be a good pick for such milestones in your life. 

According to Vedic astrology, adhering to the monthly Shubh Muhurats can be your gateway to success. Thanks to the harmonious alignment of celestial bodies, any event performed during an auspicious Muhurat will unlock fortune, luck, prosperity, and abundance in your life. 

So, embrace June Shubh Muhurats and let it guide you towards good times and fortune. 

Shubh Muhurat: June 2024

Are you on the lookout for an auspicious time in June 2024 to conduct your important events? This is the place to uncover all your answers. 

The monthly Shubh Muhurats help you monitor favorable dates and timings. This is a detailed list of Shubh Muhurat June 2024, according to the Hindu calendar, so that you can align your important tasks with auspicious Muhurats. These are as per the Indian Standard Time (IST).

Acquiring A Stylish New Car? Here Are The Ideal Vehicle Purchase Muhurats in June 2024!

A car is more than just a symbol of status and luxury; it's also a must-have commodity for simplifying your daily life. Beyond considering the price and the make and model of the vehicle, it's critical to check the auspicious time to buy a vehicle

Picking the right Shubh Muhurat for June 2024 can bring positivity, harmony, fortune, and luck into your life. By following these favorable dates and timings, you can ensure a smooth, trouble-free experience with your new car. So, always consider the auspicious Muhurats when purchasing a car in order to drive away from any potential misfortune. 

What are the most promising June Shubh Muhurats to purchase vehicles?

When you check the Hindu calendar, you’ll get to know that there are ten auspicious days in June month for your purchases. June 2nd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 26th, and 27th will be the auspicious time to buy a vehicle. Here’s detailed information. 

  • 2nd June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 01:40 AM, 3rd June 2024, Nakshatra- Revati

  • 9th June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 03:44 PM, Nakshatra- Punarvasu

  • 10th June 2024 (Monday), Timing- From 04:14 PM to 09:40 PM, Nakshatra- Pushya

  • 16th June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, 17th June 2024, Nakshatra- Hasta and Chitra

  • 17th June 2024 (Monday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, 18th June 2024, Nakshatra- Chitra and Swati

  • 19th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 05:23 PM to 05:24 AM, 20th June 2024, Nakshatra- Anuradha

  • 20th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:24 AM to 07:49 AM, Nakshatra- Anuradha

  • 24th June 2024 (Monday), Timing- From 03:54 PM to 01:23 AM, 25th June 2024, Nakshatra- Shravana

  • 26th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 05:25 AM to 05:25 AM, 27th June 2024, Nakshatra- Dhanishtha and Shatabhisha

  • 27th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:25 AM to 11:36 AM, Nakshatra- Shatabhisha

Which Are The Most Auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurtas in June 2024? Find Out Here! 

Once you have purchased a house, your top priority should be to invite positivity, happiness, and prosperity into your new abode. This is where the Griha Pravesh auspicious days play a key role. 

Choosing the correct Panchang Shubh Muhurat to conduct the Griha Pravesh ceremony will ensure the influx of positive energy into your nest. This can play an integral role in transforming your abode into a safe haven, guarding you from negativity and surrounding your living space with positive vibrations. Therefore, choose the most favorable Griha Pravesh Muhurtas for the ceremony in order to usher harmony, positive vibes, and prosperity into your new abode. 

What are the Griha Pravesh Shubh Muhurats in June 2024?

It's a common belief that people should not enter a new house when the alignment and position of the celestial bodies are unfavorable. Unfortunately, no Griha Pravesh auspicious days and timings are available in June. 

When Is The Perfect Time to Secure Your Dream Property in June 2024? Here’s The Scoop!

A profitable property purchase involves more than just financial readiness; the Shubh Muhurat must also be considered when buying a piece of property. By selecting an auspicious time, you can align your property acquisition with positive energy. This will ensure you a booming future. 

It’s essential to consider Panchang Shubh Muhurats seriously to ensure that your property investment attracts fortune and luck. Regardless of your reason for purchasing a property or land, Astroyogi’s expert astrologers always advise their clients to follow monthly Shubh Muhurats for significant events. With the selection of the proper Muhurat, you can avoid pitfalls and ensure your purchase is a successful endeavor. 

What are the Shubh Muhurats to purchase property in June 2024?

According to the Hindu calendar, seven Shubh Muhurat dates in June 2024 are perfect for buying a property, making it a good month for property acquisition. The 6th, 7th, 13th, 20th, 21st, 27th, and 28th would be the best days. Check out the in-depth information below. 

  • 6th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 08:16 PM to 05:23 AM, 7th June 2024, Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha 

  • 7th June 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 07:43 PM, Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha 

  • 13th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:23 AM to 05:08 AM, 14th June 2024, Nakshatra- Purva Phalguni

  • 20th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 05:24 AM to 06:10 PM, Nakshatra- Anuradha

  • 21st June 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 06:19 PM to 05:24 AM, 22nd June 2024, Nakshatra- Mula 

  • 27th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 11:36 AM to 05:26 AM, 28th June 2024, Nakshatra- Purva Bhadrapada

  • 28th June 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 05:26 AM to 10:10 AM, Nakshatra- Purva Bhadrapada

Launching A Business Venture in June 2024? Discover The Shubh Muhurats for A Promising Beginning!

Embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey requires innovation, strategic planning, and alignment with cosmic forces. This is why you are recommended to consider the Shubh Muhurats in June.

Adhering to the June Shubh Muhurats when you launch your own business venture ensures that it is associated with celestial powers and is influenced by fortunate planets and heavenly bodies. When you align your business with the Universe's rhythms, it paves the way for the success of your business. So, make it a priority to take advantage of the auspicious time to start a new business and elevate it to new heights. 

What is the auspicious time to start a new business in June 2024?

The three auspicious days in June 2024 can bring success to your new business ventures. You can choose the 13th, 19th, and 28th of June 2024 to start a new business venture. For more information, look below. 

  • 13th June 2024 (Thursday), Timing- From 06:08 AM to 12:56 PM, Nakshatra- Purva Phalguni

  • 19th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- From 10:15 AM to 12:32 PM, Nakshatra- Vishakha 

  • 28th June 2024 (Friday), Timing- From 07:19 AM to 09:40 AM, Nakshatra- Purva Bhadrapada

When Is The Perfect Time for A Wedding? Here’s The Ideal Marriage Muhurtas in June 2024

Marriage is so much more than a union of two individuals; it also aligns a couple's marital journey with the celestial rhythms so that the couple can enjoy a harmonious and blissful marital life. With the assistance of Vivah Muhurats, based on Vedic astrology, you can make your way to romance, compatibility, harmony, and prosperity along with your life partner.  

When you pick the appropriate marriage Muhurta, it provides an advantageous celestial arrangement, ushering joy into your matrimonial life. On the flip side, not paying attention to Vivah Muhurats may bring various challenges throughout your married life. So, to ensure everlasting marital bliss, love, and harmony in your marriage, turn to the Shubh Muhurat dates. 

What are the ideal marriage Muhurtas in June 2024?

When the celestial bodies are not in favorable positions, an auspicious event like a marriage should not be conducted. In June 2024, there will be no Vivah Muhurats for weddings. 

However, if you have questions about your marriage, the Astroyogi astrologers can offer you the right guidance! 

Picking A Name for Your Little One? Discover The Perfect Namkaran Muhurats This June!

The sacred Namkaran ceremony, or the Namkaran Sanskar, is a cherished Hindu tradition that is performed when a little one joins the family. In this tradition, the families seek guidance from the celestial bodies to choose an appropriate name, as the child's destiny depends on the name and can offer them blessings.

The selection of the proper Name ceremony Muhurat, profoundly impacts your baby's future. Vedic astrology recommends holding the Namkaran ceremony during a favorable Naming Muhurat so that your child gets the celestial blessings. An apt name chosen during a favorable time can create golden opportunities for a prosperous life filled with good fortune. Adhering to a Shubh Muhurat can bestow your baby with a name that aligns with cosmic rhythms for a brighter future. 

What are the ideal Name ceremony Muhurats in June 2024?

June 2024 will be a great month for a Namkaran ceremony, as there are eight favorable days. The dates 7, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 26, and 30 June 2024 will be auspicious for conducting the ceremony. The detailed Naming Muhurats for this month are given below.

  • 7th June 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- From 05:26 AM to 05:09 PM, 9th June 2023 (Friday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha

  • 11th June 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- From 02:32 PM to 05:26 AM, 13th June 2023 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada

  • 14th June 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat- From 05:26 AM to 01:40 PM, Nakshatra- Ashwini

  • 16th June 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- From 03:07 PM to 05:27 AM, 17th June 2023 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Rohini

  • 18th June 2023 (Sunday), Muhurat- From 05:27 AM to 06:06 PM, Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha 

  • 21st June 2023 (Wednesday), Muhurat-  From 05:27 AM to 10:36 PM, Nakshatra- Pushya

  • 26th June 2023 (Monday), Muhurat- From 12:44 PM to 05:29 AM, 27th June 2023 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Hasta

  • 30th June 2023 (Friday), Muhurat- From 04:10 PM to 05:30 AM, 1st July 2023 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Anuradha

Celestial Extravaganza: Planetary Transits in June 2024!

In June 2024, many important transits are set to happen. These major planetary transits of the month of June will lead to transformations in your life. 

June 2024: Get Enchanted By The Full Moon and New Moon’s Spectacle

Here are the dates. 

  • Full Moon Day (Purnima)- 22nd June 2024 (Thursday)

  • New Moon Day (Amavasya)- 6th June 2024 (Tuesday)

Give this a quick read: Tarot Reading for June: Gemini & Virgo Will Navigate New Opportunities!

Immerse Yourself in The Festival Extravaganza of June 2024

Amidst the summer of June 2024, brace yourself for the celebrations and fasting festivals of the month of June! 

The festivals of the month of June are given below. 

  • Telugu Hanuman Jayanthi- 1st June 2024 (Saturday)

  • Apara Ekadashi- 2nd June 2024 (Sunday)

  • Vaishnava Apara Ekadashi- 3rd June 2024 (Monday)

  • Vata Savitri Amavasya- 6th June 2024 (Thursday)

  • Shani Jayanti- 6th June 2024 (Thursday)

  • Mithuna Sankranti- 15th June 2024 (Saturday)

  • Ganga Dussehra- 16th June 2024 (Sunday)

  • Father’s Day- 16th June 2024 (Sunday)

  • Jyeshtha Gayatri Jayanti- 17th June 2024 (Monday)

  • Nirjala Ekadashi- 18th June 2024 (Tuesday)

  • Vata Savitri Purnima- 21st June 2024 (Friday)

  • International Yoga Day- 21st June 2024 (Friday)


We hope that you now have a better idea of the monthly Shubh Muhurats and what they entail. You must use auspicious times and dates rooted in the Hindu calendar for all your important events, as they are your gateway to cosmic support for all your endeavors.

Embracing the Shubh Muhurat dates can ensure success and harmony in every domain of your life, but ignoring them can invite unnecessary challenges and difficulties. So, seize the opportunity to adhere to the Shubh Muhurat in June 2024 to bring you favorable fortune and luck. 

Don’t let the celestial magic pass you by!

Are you curious to know more about the June Shubh Muhurats? Experienced Astroyogi astrologers can provide personalized guidance so that you can step towards a brighter future. 

Consulting an astrologer is very convenient on Astroyogi App. Download the app and enjoy a seamless experience.

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