Boost Your Business Fortune with These 8 Easy Tips

Wed, Mar 27, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Mar 27, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Boost Your Business Fortune with These 8 Easy Tips

Loss-making businesses often lack Vastu-compliant offices. So, if you are facing sales losses, your office entrance is probably in the south direction, or you, as the boss of your office, sit on a non-north-facing seat.

Designing the workspace is as important as anything else for any business venture to flourish. After all, growth and prosperity begin in the office. 

Fortunately, that’s where Vastu for business comes into play.

This mystic science harbors a set of architectural rules, regulations, and guidelines that can help you create a workplace enriched with positivity and growth. 

Excited to explore them? Then, let's dive into top business Vastu tips and practices.


Business Vastu Shastra - What Aspects Does It Influence?

Vastu Shastra affects many facets of life, and occupation is no exception. If leveraged properly, here’s what it does.

  • Increases Sales: You can experience profit in sales by following simple yet effective rules governed by Vastu Shastra. Trust us, a Vastu-compliant plan goes a long way in materializing professional endeavors.

  • Maintains Positivity: For any organization to function in harmony, the environment must radiate positive and welcoming energies. Vastu principles provide us with ways to create such an amicable atmosphere.

  • Invites Success: Success isn’t a one-stop-spot. It’s a journey that one maintains through hard work and diligence. In giving this journey a direction, Vastu Shastra goes a long way!

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Vastu Tips for Business Growth - 8 Ways You Can Attract Positivity And Prosperity

Here are some of the most effective business growth Vastu tips that you can practice to harness the power of this ancient Indian science of architecture. 

Choose The Right Entrance

According to business Vastu Shastra, the best locations for the office entrance are north, east, northwest, and northeast. By building the main door in any of these directions, you can invite positivity into your office. 

Strictly avoid building the office's front door in the south, southeast, or southwest directions. They attract unfortunate losses and obstacles. 

Create A Welcoming Reception Area

The reception area is where people exchange pleasantries. Since clients and outsiders are welcomed here, this area should have a positive and inviting aura. 

As per the Vastu guidelines, the reception area should either be in the east or the northeast direction. These directions have connotations of friendliness and warmth. This ensures a good first impression and a pleasant environment.

The Boss Should Sit Like A Boss

Another crucial spot to take care of is the boss’s office. If you’re the owner, make sure to locate your office in the southwest direction. You must sit facing the north direction. 

Additionally, ensure your back doesn’t face any windows. Also, avoid keeping idols behind your desk or seat. 

Where Should Your Employees Look? 

The accommodation of staff members is another point that needs to be taken care of. 

As per Vastu guidelines, the seating arrangement of the employees must be such that they face the North or East direction. This attracts creativity and productivity. Moreover, the desks of the employed must be clutter-free and comfortable.

Looking for more Vastu tips to increase sales? Book an appointment with the experts at Astroyogi today!

The Kuber Spot: Where Should The Finances Happen? 

Since the accounting department handles a venture's finances, Vastu advocates locating it in the southeast direction, with its employees facing north or east. This activates certain areas related to financial stability and monetary abundance. 

Also, lockers and financial records should be kept in the southwest corner, with them opening in the north direction. Doing so attracts security and growth. To master this, you should check with an Astroyogi expert and ensure the perfect spot for the finance team. 

Your Furniture’s Shape Matters!

The shape of the furniture used is as important as any other factor in the realm of Vastu. 

Your business place should contain rectangular tables. According to Vastu, the table’s four corners depict stability and balance. 

Try to avoid installing round or L-shaped tables in the office. They resemble irregularity and doubt.

Be Careful with The Washroom’s Direction

Washrooms contain negative auras. Hence, one should always build these in the southwest direction, prohibiting any negative energy from hovering around anywhere near the toilet. 

The northwest direction should be strictly avoided when building washrooms.

An Aquarium: Sounds Good!

Placing an aquarium in the Northeastern area stimulates growth and success in business. 

As per Vastu, the aquarium should contain nine goldfish and one blackfish. They are believed to bring prosperity and growth to your endeavors.


Summing Up

A Vastu-compliant office goes hand in hand with diligent work, positivity, and prosperity. So, whether you’re new to business or struggling with an old one, these Vastu tips can help you unlock success in your professional life. 

This blog covered some essential Vastu for company tips that can help you attain success and growth. To get a Vastu-compliant business plan that works best for your office, contact the experts at Astroyogi today.

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