Enhance Your Prosperity: The Top 5 Gemstones for Success And Money

Thu, Feb 22, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Feb 22, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Enhance Your Prosperity: The Top 5 Gemstones for Success And Money

The world of gemstones seems glamorous, right? But look closely - maybe those glistening crystals conceal something that’s even more mystical!

You may have heard about the many dos and don’ts of impeccable gemstone jewelry styling - they’re raging on the internet. But if you’re new to this realm, you may not be aware of their amazing astrological advantages.

Yes, you heard us right! From dazzling diamonds to elegant amethysts - every gemstone that you ever see holds the prowess to bestow magical benefits in your life, whether you talk about career, relationships, or even money!

So, here’s your chance to learn about it. Read this blog and find out which are the best gemstones for success and wealth, and channel prosperity into your life in glam. Here we go!

5 Gemstones for Attracting Money - These Stunners Are Literal Wealth Magnets!

Let’s not gatekeep this secret anymore. Scroll down and discover five of the best astrologer-certified crystals for success and money.

Blue Sapphire

Also known as "Neelam," the Blue Sapphire is one of the best gemstones for success. With a mellow blue hue, Blue Sapphire replicates luxury. It's particularly useful for those natives who are struggling with financial crises due to Saturn's ominous effects. This gem opens several sources of income and removes the evil influences of the planet. However, as it is a strong gemstone, you must consult an Astroyogi astrologer before wearing it. 


A typical money magnet stone, Pearl or “Moti”, stands as a symbol of purity and prosperity in various cultures. As it's associated with Venus and the Moon, it is believed that wearing or possessing a Pearl can boost financial luck. It is also an extremely auspicious gemstone. Especially if you tend to feel stressed or encounter misfortune in the financial aspect, Pearls can provide confidence and good fortune to help you live a contented life.


Emerald, or the beautiful "Panna," is one of the most powerful stones to attract money. This crystal holds strong positive vibrations, which essentially helps an individual think in a more money-minded manner. Associated with the planet Mercury, the presence of Emerald reduces the planet's negative impact on one's horoscope and promotes financial stability. In fact, it also helps attract wealth and success by promoting clarity of thought. The gemstone helps you make good decisions if you are in the market for a property. 

Want to discover more money magnet stone benefits? Hurry up - book a consultation with the Astroyogi astrologers and find out which is the best for you!

Yellow Sapphire

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is believed to be the planet of wealth, good luck, and fortune. Well, Yellow Sapphire is the stone associated with that planet. Known as “Pukhraj” in Hindi, this gemstone possesses powerful properties that can lure wealth and prosperity. Radiating a dim yellow glow, this crystal has boundless positive energies that can literally transform your financial luck from terrible to incredible.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is an extremely auspicious gemstone. In some cultures, it is believed to give you the patience and determination to take the right steps. But, even in terms of money, its advantages can be harnessed. Carrying this stone keeps reminding you of your goals and helps you consistently work towards them. Moreover, Tiger's Eye summons the Sun's positive energy and Earth's energy to invite financial success in your life.

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Gemstones And Crystals for Luck And Money - How Do You Use Them?

In astrology, there are many methods to churn out the elixir from these stones for money luck. For instance, here are three ways you can use them in your daily life.

  • Wear them as jewelry: If you’re into fashion, rejoice! By including these powerful crystals in your wardrobe, you can easily do both - look amazing and invite abundance. 

  • Carry them in your pocket: Crystals do not ask for too much. Simply carrying them in your pocket is enough to make them work their wonder.

Summing Up

If you’re a fan of gemstones and crystals, we are sure we gave you one more reason to love them, didn’t we? But here’s a word of caution - always consult a professional astrologer before wearing one.  
So, why wait? Take out your horoscope, consult an astrologer at Astroyogi, and wear your best gemstone to attract success, money, and everything else in between!

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