Aquarians’ Creative Comeback with Venus Transit in Gemini 2024! What About You?

Thu, May 02, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Thu, May 02, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Aquarians’ Creative Comeback with Venus Transit in Gemini 2024! What About You?

The Venus transit in Gemini is set to bring you many life-altering transformations. Will it be for your good or not? Let's find out. 

Venus Transit in Gemini Date And Time: Check Here! 

The Venus transit, or the Shukra Gochar, in the Gemini zodiac sign will occur on June 12th. Venus stays in a particular zodiac sign for about 24 days. The next Venus transit will be on 7th July 2024 (Sunday).

  • Venus transit in Gemini date- 12th June 2024 (Wednesday)

  • Venus transit in Gemini time- 06:37 PM (IST)

Venus is the Karaka for comfort, luxury, lifestyle, and sexuality. Hence, it's closely associated with everyone's desires.  

Suppose the placement of Venus is strong in your Natal chart and other divisional charts like D9 or Navamsa Chart. In that case, you will be blessed with prosperity, abundance, and intense and passionate romantic relationships. If Venus is not appropriately placed, you will struggle in these areas.  

However, what is important to know is that even a weak Venus or a malefic Venus can be improved, enhanced, and made stronger with some divine and powerful remedies, as per Vedic astrology or Parashari Jyotish.

The Venus transit 2024 is happening in Gemini or Mithun Rashi, represented by the twins, and Mercury (Budh) is its Lord. Mercury is for effective communication, business acumen, and logical thinking. The Gemini zodiac sign has the element air. Hence, the qualities manifest themselves accordingly. 

Venus usually takes about 23 days to transit from one zodiac to another. Thus, the following predictions will impact your life accordingly. 

The Venus Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs: Get to Know Here!

Read to discover the effects of Venus transit in Gemini on you and your loved ones.      


The 3rd house is where the Venus transit in Gemini will hit. Thus, this will enable your communication to do the trick. You can lead in all domains of your life with your pleasing demeanor. 

During this time, you might pack your bags for a quick weekend getaway or go for a staycation nearby. This will be quite a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for you.  

Remedy: To improve your communication abilities, you can take up writing, start a blog, or join a public speaking club. You must engage in activities that require you to articulate your thoughts clearly. This will prove beneficial for you. 


This Venus transit in Gemini in 2024 will activate the 2nd house for Taureans. This transit will impact your family life. 

You will spend more and more quality time with your family members during this time. They will be a priority for you, above all, for at least the next two to three months. Also, avoid getting angry. You must not argue with your loved ones and do not hurt them with your speech.  

Remedy: Consume food with Ghee to cleanse your Venus blockages and enhance your Venus.  


The 1st house for the Geminis will witness the Venus transit 2024. This will make them focus on themselves and their growth. 

According to the Venus transit predictions, you will turn increasingly inward and start introspecting your life. You will also set up goals for your future. 

Remedy: Wear a 6 Mukhi Rudraksha to make Venus strong in your chart. 


The 12th house for the Cancerians will witness this Venus transit. This will give them a high probability of touching the skies and hearing good news from foreign lands. 

Due to the Venus transit impact on horoscope, your expenditure might increase, so it is recommended that you control and monitor your spending during this time. 

Remedy: Take out time to attend workshops, especially those related to communication skills, digital media, or creative writing. This can be rewarding for you.

Are you eager to know what the future holds for your financial condition? If so, get in touch with the astrologers at Astroyogi


This Venus transit will impact the 11th house for Leos. Hence, your life will focus on the luck factor and its benefits and gains. 

Due to the Venus transit results, people around you might call you lucky. You will see results for your actions, if not immediately, then with a slight delay, but rest assured, the gains will come. So, you must be patient. 

Remedy: Engage in Yoga or mindfulness practices, as they can help develop mental flexibility, reduce stress, and foster a balanced approach to emotional and social interactions.


The 10th house is where the Venus transit 2024 will happen for the Virgos. This will directly impact your work life and professional domain

You will be required to pay attention to the red flags at work so that they don't interfere with your tasks at hand. You also need to ensure that no one can disturb you with your goals and deliverables. 

Remedy: Spend your time and energy in grooming yourself, as this is the domain of Venus. Hence, doing so will please the planet.  


The 9th house is where the Venus transit in Gemini will occur for the Libra natives. This transit's impact will be huge. Your Dharma Bhava gets activated here strongly. Hence, you will have a burning desire and motivation to work on and for Dharma. 

When Venus transits in Gemini, you will often visit the temples and other holy places and find a lot of solace doing the same during this time. Spiritual books will attract you, and you will become a voracious reader. 

Remedy: Incorporate short meditation sessions into your daily routine to improve mental clarity and relieve stress. Finding moments of calm can help maintain balance in your life.


The 8th house is where this Venus transit in Gemini will take place for the Scorpios. Therefore, many hidden things will suddenly come to the surface. 

According to the Venus transit effects, you might also find a strange and sudden pull towards spirituality and the occult sciences, which will be both magnetic and life-changing. Trust us; this will truly transform you and your life. 

Remedy: Read and reflect on spiritual or philosophical texts. Exploring new ideas can help you find deeper spiritual connections and insights.


The 7th house, which is for spouses or partners, both romantic and business partners, will witness the Venus transit in Gemini in 2024. 

Due to the Venus transit and its effects on relationships, your spouse or partner might express some unhappiness due to the non-fulfillment of their desires and expectations. So, the right thing for you to do is lend them a listening ear. The good news is that most problems will get resolved just with communication between you and your partner. 

Remedy: Wear a diamond, as this gemstone can enhance your Venus. When it comes to gemstones, always get the proper guidance of an Astroyogi astrologer. 


The 6th house is where Venus will transit in Gemini for the Capricorns. This house (Bhava) is for your hidden enemies, so we advise you to maintain a low profile and be careful about your personal and public interactions. 

Due to the Venus transit impact on horoscope, some people might not agree with your opinion or be happy with your growth, so they might want to pull you down. However, with your wisdom and experience, you will be able to deal with it. You must also beware of office politics.  

Remedy: Respect your partner as much as possible. This will please the planet Venus and bring you its blessings.  

Give this a quick glance: What Are The Best Marriage Presents for Each Zodiac Sign?


The 5th house is where the Venus transit in Gemini will happen for Aquarians. As this house is for your creativity and happiness, you will see yourself getting happy when you spend some me-time prioritizing yourself.  

Due to the Venus transit effects, you will start some hobby classes to reignite your long-forgotten passion again. Some Aquarians will start a new activity like gardening or painting. Your creativity will find self-expression, and your confidence and morale will increase. 

Remedy: Wear white clothes on Fridays, as per the Color Therapy, as Venus loves white. 


The 4th house is where the Venus transit in Gemin i will happen for Pisceans in June. Following this transit, the 4th house will be activated. Hence, you will be actively involved in purchasing land and vehicles.  

You will do detailed research before the purchase. If your Ketu is strong, you will do more research to get better findings and come up with the best deal according to your budget and desires. 

Remedy: Use fragrant flowers daily to please the Venus planet. Aromatherapy will make your Venus stronger. 

These are generalized forecasts for the Venus transit in Gemini 2024. If you want to discover more about the Venus transit's effects on the 12 zodiac signs, contact Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi immediately.

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