Celebrate Your Baby's Naming Ceremony in 2024 On These Shubh Muhurats!

Sat, Dec 09, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sat, Dec 09, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Celebrate Your Baby's Naming Ceremony in 2024 On These Shubh Muhurats!

Your “Name” is an important part of your identity. Your name holds deep personal, cultural, and familial meaning for you, and it gives you a sense of belonging in the world. According to traditional belief, your name carries vital energy that can help you resonate with celestial energy and manifest your life's purpose. As such, a baby's name should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. This is why, as per Hindu traditions, the Namkaran ceremony, in which a child is named, should take place during a Shubh Namkaran Muhurat.

According to ancient Vedic scriptures, the Namkaran, or naming ceremony rituals in Hindu traditions, is one of the sixteen important sacraments that extend from birth to death. This name ceremony function, also known as “Namkaran Sanskar," is extremely important and valuable for both the parent and the newborn.

Let's first review the basics of the Namkaran ceremony before delving into the auspicious Namkaran Muhurats, including the date, time, and Nakshatra in 2024.

What Is Namkaran And Why Is It Important?

There is no denying Namkaran Sanskar's importance in a baby's life. When the newborn baby's parents conduct the ceremony with complete faith, the child's name has the potential to offer lifelong results and have a positive effect on their life. 

In addition to its religious necessity, the Namkaran ceremony holds great astrological significance. As a result, a child's naming ceremony should take place at a time and date that are auspicious and overseen by a professional astrologer. The successful completion of a baby's naming ceremony performed on a Shubh Muhurat can bestow blessings and good fortune upon the child.

  • A name carries religious connotations as well as behavioral values. As a result, a name should be meaningful because it gives the baby an identity, and choosing the right name at the right time is critical for the child's future.
  • It's widely believed that a baby's name shapes their personality and can even affect their destiny. The child's life will either be extraordinary or ordinary due to the energy that comes with the name. For this reason, in order to ensure good luck, a newborn's name should always correspond with the positions of the planets and other astrological elements in their birth chart, or Kundli.
  • The custom of naming a child is ideal for bestowing them the greatest blessings and ensuring a prosperous future.
  • The name has the potential to either bring good fortune or bad luck to the child. Therefore, on a Shubh Muhurat, the baby's name should be decided upon appropriately, and an astrologer should be consulted.

Namkaran Muhurats in 2024: A Comprehensive List of Date and Time

One may ask, what exactly is a muhurat? The Muhurat, in astrology, is the favorable moment or period of time. Shubh Muhurat, or the auspicious date and time, should be taken into consideration when starting any significant task as the likelihood of success increases significantly at that time. Some dates are considered lucky for beginning any kind of significant or worthwhile endeavor because they ensure positive results. When performing the Namkaran ceremony, it is always highly recommended to follow the auspicious Muhurat.

The list of Namkaran Muhurats 2024 is provided below to help you select the most auspicious date and time for your little bundle of joy’s milestone event. The times and dates listed here are all in accordance with India Standard Time (IST).

January: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

In January 2024, dates such as 3, 7, 11, 14, 16, 17, 21, 26, and 31 will be best Muhurats for the Namkaran ceremony 2024. See the list below if you want to know the exact auspicious time.

  • 3rd January 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 02:46 PM to 05:33 PM, 4th January 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra - Hasta
  • 7th January 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 10:08 PM to 10:03 PM, 8th January 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 11th January 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 05:39 PM to 07:19 AM, 13th January 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha 
  • 14th January 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:19 AM to 10:22 AM,  Nakshatra- Dhanishta
  • 16th January 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- 06:10 AM to 07:19 AM, Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 17th January 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:18 AM to 02:58 AM, 19th January 2024 Nakshatra- Revati
  • 21st January 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:18 AM to 04:58 AM, 23rd January 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 26th January 2024 (Friday), Timing- 12:00 AM to 10:28 AM, Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 31st January 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:14 AM to 01:08 AM, 1st February 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Hasta

February: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

According to the Hindu calendar, dates like 8, 12, 14, 18, 21, 27, and 28 February 2024 will be auspicious to perform the name ceremony. See below to know the detailed Namkaran Muhurat this month.

  • 4th February 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:20 AM to 07:54 AM, 5th February 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 8th February 2024 (Friday), Timing- 04:37 AM to 07:07 AM, 10th February 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 12th February 2024 (Monday), Timing- 02:56 PM to 07:05 AM, 13th February 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 14th February 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:04 AM to 09:26 AM, 15th February 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Revati
  • 18th February 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:01 AM to 10:33 AM, 19th February 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 21st February 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 02:17 PM to 02:17 PM, 22nd February 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 27th February 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- 04:30 AM to 06:52 AM, Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 28th February 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:51 AM to 07:33 AM, Nakshatra- Hasta

March: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

According to the Panchang, dates such as March 3, 6, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 25, and 29 will be auspicious for the name ceremony function. If you want to know the exact Muhuray, check the time and date information below.

  • 3rd March 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:47 AM to 03:55 PM, Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 6th March 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 02:52 PM to 06:41 AM, 9th March 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 11th March 2024 (Monday), Timing- 01:55 AM to 06:37 AM, 12th March 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 13th March 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:36 AM to 06:24 PM, 13th March 2024 (Wednesday), Nakshatra- Ashwini
  • 15th March 2024 (Friday), Timing- 04:08 PM to 04:47 PM, 16th March 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha
  • 20th March 2024 (Wednesday), Timing-06:28 AM to 10:38 PM, Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 25th March 2024 (Monday), Timing- 10:37 AM to 06:21 AM, 26th March 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 29th March 2024 (Friday), Timing- 08:36 PM to 06:17 AM, 30th March 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Anuradha

April: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar reveals that dates in April 2024, including 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 26, and 30, will be lucky days for the Naam Karan ritual. Use the time provided below to find the precise auspicious time.

  • 3rd April 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:12 AM to 06:06 PM, 5th April 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 7th April 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 12:58 PM to 06:05 AM, 9th April 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 12th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- 01:38 AM to 06:01 AM, 13th April 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 16th April 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- 03:05 AM to 05:58 AM, Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 21st April 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:08 PM to 07:59 PM, 22nd April 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 26th April 2024 (Friday), Timing- 02:24 AM to 03:39 AM, 27th April 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 30th April 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- 04:42 AM to 05:44 AM, Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha

May: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

According to the Hindu Panchang, dates in May such as 1, 5, 9, 13, 19, 23, 27, and 29 will be lucky days for the naming ceremony. Use the time and date provided below to find the precise Namkaran Muhurats 2024 for the month of May.

  • 1st May 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:44 AM to 01:49 AM, 3rd May 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Shravana
  • 5th May 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:40 AM to 05:39 AM, 7th May 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 9th May 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 11:55 AM to 05:36 AM, 11th May 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 13th May 2024 (Monday), Timing- 11:23 AM to 05:34 AM, 14th May 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 19th May 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:32 AM to 03:16 AM, 20th May 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 23rd May 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 09:14 AM to 10:10 AM, 24th May 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 27th May 2024 (Monday), Timing- 10:13 AM to 05:28 AM, 28th May 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 29th May 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:28 AM to 07:31 AM, 30th May 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Shravana

June: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

Dates like 1, 2, 5, 9, 16, 19, 23, 26, 28, and 30 of June 2024 will be auspicious for the new name ceremony for the child as per the Hindu calendar. See the time provided below to find the precise auspicious time.

  • 1st June 2024 (Saturday), Timing- 04:48 AM to 05:27 AM, Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 2nd June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:27 AM to 12:05 AM, 4th June 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Revati
  • 5th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 09:16 PM to 07:43 PM, 7th June 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 9th June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 08:20 PM to 09:39 PM, 10th June 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 16th June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:27 AM to 11:12 AM, Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 19th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing-05:23 PM to 06:10 PM, 20th June 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 23rd June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:03 PM to 05:29 AM, 25th June 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 26th June 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:29 AM to 01:05 PM, Nakshatra- Dhanishta
  • 28th June 2024 (Friday), Timing- 10:10 AM to 05:30 AM, 29th June 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 30th June 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:30 AM to 06:26 AM, 1st July 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Revati

July: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar indicates that certain dates, such as 3, 7, 12, 17, 21, 25, 28 and 31 of
July 2024 will be lucky for the name ceremony function. Check the time provided below to find the precise auspicious Namkaran Muhurat.

  • 3rd July 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:31 AM to 03:54 AM, 5th June 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 7th July 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:33 AM to 06:02 AM, 8th July 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 12th July 2024 (Friday), Timing- 04:08 PM to 05:36 AM, 13th July 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 17th July 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:38 AM to 03:12 AM, 18th July 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 21st July 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:40 AM to 05:41 AM, 23rd July 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 25th July 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 04:16 PM to 05:43 AM, 27th July 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 28th July 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:44 AM to 11:47 AM, Nakshatra- Ashwini
  • 31st July 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:46 AM to 10:24 AM, 1st August 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Rohini

August: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

In August, dates like 4, 8, 14, 18, 22, 26, 28, and 30, according to the Hindu calendar, will be auspicious for performing the naming ceremony. If you want to know the exact Muhurat for the naming rituals in Hindu tradition, see the details below. 

  • 4th August 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:48 AM to 01:26 PM, Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 8th August 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 11:34 PM to 02:44 AM, 10th August 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 14th August 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:53 AM to 12:12 PM, Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 18th August 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 05:55 AM to 05:45 AM, 20th August 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 22nd August 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 12:33 AM to 05:59 AM, 24th August 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 26th August 2024 (Monday), Timing- 03:55 PM to 06:00 AM, 27th August 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 28th August 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:01 AM to 03:53 PM, Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha
  • 30th August 2024 (Friday), Timing- 05:55 PM to 06:02 AM, 31st August 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Pushya

September: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

The Hindu calendar indicates that dates in September 2024, such as 5, 9, 13, 15, 18, 22, and 28, will be auspicious for conducting the Namkaran ceremony. Find precise details of the Shubh Muhurat for Namkaran in September below. 

  • 5th September 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 06:14 AM to 09:25 AM, 6th September 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 9th September 2024 (Monday), Timing- 06:04 PM to 06:07 AM, 10th September 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 13th September 2024 (Friday), Timing- 09:35 PM to 06:09 AM, 14th September 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 15th September 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:09 AM to 04:33 PM, 16th September 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Shravana
  • 18th September 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 11:00 AM to 02:42 AM, 21st September 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 22nd September 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 11:02 PM to 06:14 AM, 24th September 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 28th September 2024 (Saturday), Timing- 12:00 AM to 01:20 AM, Nakshatra- Pushya

October: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

The auspicious Namkaran Muhurat dates in October 2024, based on the Hindu calendar, are 2, 7, 11, 13, 16, 20, 25, and 30. If you want to know the details of Muhurat, check the information below.

  • 2nd October 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 12:22 PM to 03:32 PM, 3rd October 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 7th October 2024 (Monday), Timing- 12:11 AM to 02:25 AM, 8th October 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 11th October 2024 (Friday), Timing- 05:41 AM to 06:24 AM, 12th October 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 13th October 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:24 AM to 02:51 AM, 14th October 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Dhanishta
  • 16th October 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:26 AM to 01:26 PM, 18th October 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 20th October 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 08:31 AM to 05:51 AM, 22nd October 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 25th October 2024 (Friday), Timing- 12:00 AM to 07:40 AM, Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 30th October 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:35 AM to 09:43 PM, Nakshatra- Hasta

November: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

In November 2024’s calendar, dates like 3, 7, 10, 17, 20, and 26 will be auspicious to get the naming ceremony. If you want to know the detailed auspicious time, use the time below.

  • 3rd November 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:38 AM to 08:04 AM, 4th November 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 7th November 2024 (Thursday), Timing- 11:47 AM to 06:43 AM, 9th November 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 10th November 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:44 AM to 10:59 AM, Nakshatra- Dhanishta
  • 13th November 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 06:46 AM to 12:33 AM, 15th November 2024 (Friday), Nakshatra- Revati
  • 17th November 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 06:49 AM to 03:48 PM, 18th November 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 20th November 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 02:50 PM to 02:50 PM, 21st November 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 26th November 2024 (Tuesday), Timing- 01:23 AM to 06:56 AM, Nakshatra- Hasta

December: Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

According to the Hindu Panchang, dates such as December 1, 4, 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 23, and 27 will be auspicious for the Namkaran ceremony. If you want to know the exact Shubh Muhurat for the name ceremony function, consult the details below.

  • 1st December 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:00 AM to 02:23 PM, Nakshatra- Anuradha
  • 4th December 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 05:14 PM to 07:05 AM, 7th December 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Uttara Ashadha
  • 9th December 2024 (Monday), Timing- 02:56 PM to 07:07 AM, 10th December 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 11th December 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:08 AM to 09:52 AM, 12th December 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Revati
  • 14th December 2024 (Saturday), Timing- 05:47 AM to 07:10 AM, Nakshatra- Rohini
  • 15th December 2024 (Sunday), Timing- 07:10 AM to 02:20 AM, 16th December 2024 (Monday), Nakshatra- Mrigashirsha
  • 18th December 2024 (Wednesday), Timing- 07:12 AM to 12:44 AM, 19th December 2024 (Thursday), Nakshatra- Pushya
  • 23rd December 2024 (Monday), Timing- 09:09 AM to 07:15 AM, 24th December 2024 (Tuesday), Nakshatra- Hasta
  • 27th December 2024 (Friday), Timing- 08:28 PM to 07:17 AM, 28th December 2024 (Saturday), Nakshatra- Anuradha

When Should a Naming Ceremony Take Place? Learn More Here!

Your identity in society is largely shaped by your name. Upon the arrival of a newborn, family members frequently begin referring to them by any name. However, according to Hindu custom, the baby's Namkaran ceremony must take place after the tenth day of their birth. The name ceremony function can be held on the eleventh or twelfth day after the birth of your child.

The days before the auspicious naming ceremony are called the “Sutika” period, which is considered unholy for the Namkaran. For this reason, it is essential that the parents wait the full ten days and then arrange the ceremony with all of the rituals on the eleventh or twelfth day. Parents and family members could also consult with an astrologer and schedule the naming ceremony for the day before the baby's first birthday. 

The astrologer considers the date and time based on the newborn baby's birth chart when performing the Namkaran ceremony. The astrologer carefully examines the baby's birth chart during the ceremony and determines their name by examining the Nakshatras (constellations). According to Hindu traditions, the first letter of the name is crucial. Therefore, the name should always be chosen according to the Moon sign, the planetary positions at the time of birth, and the "Janma Nakshatra," or birth star, under which a child is born. 

A particular letter linked with the baby's Rashi (zodiac sign) is selected based on the baby's birth date and time. Then, a name that fits the sign and begins with that specific letter is chosen. It is said that giving a child a name based on their zodiac sign will bring them luck and prosperity throughout their life. When choosing a name for your child at a traditional naming ceremony, you can get advice about important considerations from an experienced astrologer. 

What Considerations Should You Make When Naming Your Child?

All parents want to give their child a unique name. However, remember that whatever name you choose, you must follow an astrologer's instructions on an auspicious Namkaran Muhurat. According to Vedic astrology, choosing a child's name carelessly could harm the child and cause problems for the rest of their lives. For this reason, parents should exercise caution when naming their child.

These are some important considerations when choosing the appropriate Namkaran Muhurat.

  • When finalizing your child's Namkaran ceremony, always thoroughly review the auspicious day, Tithi, and Nakshatra.
  • The days that are most suitable for arranging your child's Namkaran ceremony are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Don't schedule the event on the day of Navami, Chaturthi, or Chaturdashi. Moreover, Amavasya is not an appropriate day for a naming ceremony.
  • According to astrological beliefs, you should give your baby two names: an official name and a secret name.

At the Namkaran Sanskar, the child receives the finest blessings. The purpose of this ritual is to bless the child both internally and externally. In addition, it is done to offer blessings for a long, prosperous, and happy life for the child. Because of the great importance of the Naming ceremony for your child, you should always choose a Shubh Muhurat and seek the advice of an astrologer. Remember that the name you choose for your child will stay with them for lifelong!

Do you still have questions about the Namkaran Muhurat 2024 or the Namkaran ceremony? Astroyogi astrologers can assist you.

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