Mercury in Cancer: Taureans Will Master Communication! What About You?

Sat, May 11, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Sat, May 11, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Mercury in Cancer: Taureans Will Master Communication! What About You?

The Mercury transit in Cancer is set to happen towards the end of June. This planetary transit will bring significant transformations in your life. Let's dive in to know more. 

Mercury Transit in Cancer Date And Time: Find Out Here!  

The Mercury transit into the Cancer sign will occur on the 29th June 2024. This Mercury transit 2024 will impact all the 12 signs of the Bhacakra, spanning across 360 degrees. The planet Mercury remains in a sign for 14 to 30 days. The next Mercury transit will happen in Leo on 19th July 2024.

  • Mercury transit in Cancer date- 29th June 2024 (Saturday)

  • Mercury transit in Cancer time- 12:29 PM (IST)

Mercury (Budh) blesses us with reasoning, logic, and rational thinking, along with pleasing communication and a charismatic presentation style, to the extent that people are drawn to the natives like magnets. 

Mercury helps us with business skills and luck when it comes to fast money and the Stock Markets. Hence, with the blessings of strong Mercury in your natal chart, you can create a powerful business empire. This will give you a lot of prosperity and help create something meaningful for society, which can become a legacy in the long term. 

Mercury is known to be one of the youngest planets in Vedic astrology; therefore, it is considered the Prince. It has a neutral gender, so it doesn't fall into the masculine or feminine gender. Wednesday is the day dedicated to Mercury, and the Green color represents this planet. 

One cannot neglect or ignore the key importance of Mercury in one's life, as it helps one become more powerful financially and socially by offering great interpersonal skills. 

What Are The Effects of Mercury Transit in Cancer on Your Life? 

Let us present the Mercury transit effects on zodiac signs, as per famous holistic healer Tarot Sonia. 


The 4th house is where this Mercury transit 2024 will happen for the Ariens. Therefore, your focus will shift altogether to your parenting skills and how you can help your children grow into better humans.

Your peace of mind will be important to you during this time. And you will take care of it well against all the triggers of anger and anxiety that you may encounter. Due to the Mercury transit and its effects on relationships, you will also focus on helping and supporting your spouse or partner in their professional lives.  

Are you curious about what the future holds for your personal life? Turn to the astrologers at Astroyogi for insights.  

Remedy- Expressing feelings clearly is necessary. Journaling or engaging in open dialogues with family and friends can help manage emotional depth.


The 3rd house is where Mercury will transit for Taureans on 29th June 2024. This house (Bhava), also known as the house of communication or the house of sharing, will activate your communication with the outside world. 

Due to the Mercury transit effects, you will connect and network better with the people. This will include communication at all levels through email or texting. You will not only be able to express your point of view but also crack deals through your presentation and communication styles

Remedy- Since Mercury is about intellect and learning, read books that nourish the soul and bring you emotional comfort. Read books that uplift or improve your understanding of your emotional well-being.


For Geminis, this Mercury transit will take place in the 2nd house in June. This makes this transit unique for you as this is the house for family, also known as the Kutumb Bhava. 

When Mercury transits in Cancer, you will be glued to your family and home, demonstrating high values, ethics, and integrity. There is a strong chance that your accumulated wealth will increase. You will add more avenues of resources and generate more sources of income.  

Remedy- Channeling emotions through art can be therapeutic. Whether painting, writing poetry, or doing crafts, creative expression can provide an outlet for your feelings that this transit can stir up.


The 1st house will witness the Mercury transit in Cancer for Cancerians. 

This will allow you to gauge and examine your interactions with the outer world in terms of your dressing sense, how you present yourself to others, your outlook on life, or how you perceive things. This will be a good time to get deeper insights into your own self and your well-being. 

Remedy- Be honest in your speech and speak only the truth.  


The 12th house will witness the Mercury transit for Leos, activating the Vyaya Bhava.  

Due to the Mercury transit impact on the horoscope, your expenses might increase, and the subconscious mind may play games. Our subconscious has so much hidden and stored information that stems even from our past lives that it constitutes not less than 80% of our mind. Some Leos will be interested in the occult or Moksha or liberation. 

Remedy- Meditation can help manage the emotional highs and lows. Mindfulness practices can improve your ability to respond rather than react to emotional stimuli, enabling a calmer mind.


The 11th house, or the Labha House, will have this transit of Mercury in Cancer for Virgos. Since this is the house of gains and income, this aspect of your life will be enhanced. 

According to the Mercury transit predictions, you will see sudden profits from unexpected or least-expected sources. This fast money will help you immensely, adding to your pool of resources. You will be concerned with growth, abundance, prosperity, and wealth during this time, and the profits will bless you more.  

Remedy- Fast on Wednesdays or have a fruit diet.  


For the Libra natives, the 10th house, or the Karma Sthana, the house of your professional life, will witness Mercury's transit in Cancer. 

Your career, reputation, and credibility will mean the world to you during this time. Your entire focus will be on excelling in your professional life. According to the Mercury transit results, your actions will be strong and in total alignment with your goals. This will support the career plans that you have in your mind. 

Remedy- Do charity and make donations on Wednesdays. 


The 9th house, or the house of luck, is where the Mercury transit in Cancer will happen for Scorpios. Thus, this will make your luck shine brighter.  

Due to the effects of Mercury transit, you will invest your time, energy, and money in religious activities. You will begin going to temples and other religious places, or you may also go on a pilgrimage. You will have a deep motivation to learn higher values and spiritual courses. As the 9th house is also known as Pitru Bhava, you will have ancestral blessings. 

Remedy- Incorporate Yoga into your daily routine. This will improve your physical well-being, help you balance your emotions, and clear your mind.


The 8th house will give equal opportunities in every field to the Sagittarius natives, as this is where this Mercury transit 2024 will take place. 

The 8th house is the house of sex; hence, intimacy will mark a strong presence in your life. Exploring your sexuality and spending intimate moments with your beloved are on the cards during this time. On the other hand, this is also the house of death, which means that certain old cycles or patterns can come to an end, and new beginnings can happen. 

Remedy- Spend quality time with your partner, close friends, and family. Engaging in deep conversations or sharing quiet moments with them can be incredibly supportive or beneficial. 

Give this a quick read: When Will You Meet Your Soulmate? Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell!


The 7th house, or the house of partnership, is where Mercury's transit will happen for Capricorns. This will make all sorts of partnerships in your life crucial, be it professional or personal. 

Due to the Mercury transit and its effects on relationships, you are advised to spend more quality time with your spouse or romantic partner. You will have to work on having better communication and understanding with them, as this will be good for you in the long run. Also, people thinking about starting new business partnerships or collaborations can consider it, as it's a good time to do so. 

Remedy- Spend time in nature, as it can help ground your emotions and provide clarity. Whether walking in a local park or gardening, connecting with the earth element will ground you.


The 6th house is where the Mercury transit in Cancer 2024 will take place for the Aquarians. 

Avoid borrowing money from anyone during this time. Also, refrain from taking bank loans or money on credit, as the chances are that your debt situation will go bad. According to the Mercury transit predictions, there might be some day-to-day life challenges in achieving your tasks, as the house being impacted is the house of obstacles and issues. But with your patience and presence of mind, you will manage to solve your problems and move forward in life. 

Remedy- Set healthy emotional boundaries. Protecting your emotional space is essential, so say no when needed and do not take on too much emotional baggage from others.


The 5th house is where the transit of Mercury will take place. This will give you lots of pleasure and usher in good times in your life. This is your house of pleasure and entertainment; hence, the Pisceans will have fun and enjoy with their loved ones.  

You will have movies, dinners, and joy rides. Due to the Mercury transit effects, romance will also bloom. You will be high on creativity, and new ideas will flow from you, making your life more productive and fun-filled. 

Remedy- Use essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or jasmine, which can have a calming effect on your mind and emotions. These can be used in diffusers or as part of a relaxing bath.

*Note- These are generalized predictions for the Mercury transit in Cancer 2024. If you are desirous of learning more about the effects of Mercury transit on your life, contact Tarot Sonia at Astroyogi today.

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