Taureans' Fortune Will Flourish with Mercury Transit in Gemini! What About You?

Mon, Jun 10, 2024
Tarot Sonia
  By Tarot Sonia
Mon, Jun 10, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Tarot Sonia
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Taureans' Fortune Will Flourish with Mercury Transit in Gemini! What About You?

The Mercury transit in Gemini is set to happen around the middle of June. So, get ready to anticipate many different changes in your life. Let's get into it. 

Mercury Transit in Gemini Date And Time: Check It Out Right Here!

The Mercury transit in Gemini 2024 will happen on 14th June 2024 (Friday). Mercury remains in a zodiac sign for 14 to 30 days, depending on the motion. The next Mercury transit will be on 29th June 2024 (Saturday). 

  • Mercury transit in Gemini date- 14th June 2024 (Friday)

  • Mercury transit in Gemini time- 11:09 PM (IST)

Mercury is the youngest planet and the Prince of all the nine planets. This planet shifting from the Taurus sign to Gemini can significantly impact the natives of all the 12 signs. 

Mercury (Budh) makes you analytical and logical. It will give you powerful and effective speech, which will help you become a good orator and gain a command over influencing others. Hence, you will gain leadership skills. 

Mercury also sharpens your business acumen. This is why good businessmen and businesswomen have a strong and favorable Mercury in their natal charts.

Here are the three Nakshatras of Mercury.

  • Ashlesha

  • Jyeshtha

  • Revati 

The Mercury Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs: Learn All About Them Here!

Below are the Mercury transit effects on zodiac signs, as per the well-known holistic healer, Tarot Sonia. Let's see what this transit has in store for everyone. 


The 3rd house is where the Mercury transit will happen for the Ariens. This is when you will get involved in physical activities, which could include some sports. 

Due to the Mercury transit impact on horoscope, you should pay attention to your shoulders and chest and work hard to strengthen the muscles. Your siblings will add meaning and value to your life, and you will be creating memories with them. 

Remedy: Engage in activities that challenge your mind, like puzzles, brain teasers, etc. This can help you harness Mercury's energy constructively.


The 2nd house is the house of your family and wealth. Hence, the accumulated wealth aspect will be activated for Taureans as the Mercury transit 2024 will happen in the 2nd house.  

During this time, you will be thinking and coming up with more plans to increase your income, sources of income, and techniques to save money. As a result, your accumulated wealth will increase, and you will be building a more secure future for yourself. According to the Mercury transit predictions, you will try your best to give your family more quality time so that everyone enjoys themselves together and the family bond strengthens. 

Remedy: Integrating mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine can be beneficial for your scattered thoughts. It can also calm the mind and improve focus with this transit.


The 1st house of Gemini is where the transit of Mercury will take place this month. 

When Mercury transits in Gemini, your focus will be on yourself, and you will be introspective. You will invest your time and energy in evaluating the key learnings from the past and where you stand now. A significant chunk of your emotion and thought process will get consumed in planning and strategizing for the future or, to put it more appropriately, building your future.    

Remedy: Wear green colored clothes to enhance Mercury's energies as per the Color Therapy. 


Mercury will transit in the 12th Bhava or house in June for Cancerians. You need only be careful about your expenditures and your habit of overspending. 

When the 12th house gets energy, you may tend to overspend. As per the Mercury transit results, you are highly likely to blow up all your money. Also, be careful of business losses. 

Remedy: Donate whole Moong Dal (Green Gram Lentils) on Wednesdays, as that is the day dedicated to Mercury. 


The 11th house, the house of gains and profits, will be activated when Mercury transits in Gemini. Hence, Leos will be in good hands. 

Due to the Mercury transit effects, you will make profits in whatever you lay your hands on. People associated with businesses will have high gains during this time. Those who want to move out or settle abroad must try their luck during this time. If you appear for examinations or certifications from foreign universities, it will give you positive results, and you will come out with flying colors.  

Do you wish to know about your financial future? The astrology experts at Astroyogi can provide you with guidance. 

Remedy: Give blue clothes to the needy and try to give them in the Hora of Mercury to get the maximum benefits.  


The 10th house is the house of your work life, which will be activated with this Mercury transit 2024 in June for Virgos.  

You will be thinking day in and day out about your professional life and how to make it better. Your mindset will be focused on growth, and you will indulge in thinking out of the box. Being innovative and improving your career will be your priority. 

Remedy: Keep a journal during this transit. This can assist you in organizing your thoughts, reflecting on daily experiences, and improving your self-expression. 


The 9th house is the house of fortune, luck, and father; this is where the transit of Mercury in Gemini will take place for the wonderful Libra natives.  

Your luck will shine bright, and fortune is waiting to knock at your doors. This will make your life more pleasurable. Due to the Mercury transit and its effects on relationships, you are advised to take care of your relationship with your father.  

Remedy: Keep a diary, planner, or journal to help manage your thoughts. Prioritize your tasks and try to stick to a schedule to ensure that important commitments and ideas are not forgotten.


The 8th house is where Scorpio natives will witness the Mercury transit in Gemini. 

Hence, your approach to life will be much more research-oriented and case study-driven. Some of you in the research and development field will make discoveries and developments. So, good luck!

Remedy: Use this time to network. Attend events, seminars, or online webinars where you can meet new people with similar interests. The exchange of ideas and networking can lead to more opportunities. 


The 7th house is the house of partnership, and this is where the Mercury transit 2024 will be for Sagittarians. Hence, you have all the more reason to work on your people management skills. 

If there are conflicts in your close relationships, work to resolve them. This is when you must mend your ways and be closer to your spouse or romantic partner. According to the Mercury transit predictions, business partnerships will be crucial. You must work on them to enjoy long-term benefits. 

Remedy: Wear green-colored clothes to activate and strengthen the Mercury in your birth chart.  


The 6th house denotes enemies, disease, and litigation. This transit will take place in the 6th house for Capricorns. Hence, you need to increase positivity in life. 

Due to the Mercury transit effects, if any matters are going on in the courts, you might hear significant news that will greatly impact your life. You are advised to pay attention to the red flags in your life. You must only share relevant information with a handful of people so that your vulnerabilities are not exposed to all. 

Remedy: Respect and give gifts to your sisters and aunts, as they represent Mercury in your daily life. 

Give this a quick read: Married at First Sight: The Role of Guna Milan in Modern Marriages


The 5th house is the house of past life, children, and studies. For the Aquarians, this is where this transit will happen in June.  

You will see many changes in your life with no reasonable explanation or logical reasoning, but all due to your past life or your Prarabdha Karma. Due to the Mercury transit impact on horoscope, children at home will consume your time, energy, and focus. However, you will give all this to them happily and willingly. Some of you may take certification courses related to your work domain to enhance your professional skills and market value. 

Remedy: This is an excellent period to invest in reading, especially articles, magazines, or books that cover varied topics. Gaining knowledge on diverse subjects will enhance your wisdom and awareness.


The 4th house is where the Mercury Transit 2024 will take place for the Pisceans. This house is for your vehicle, land, property, and mother. 

This is why many of you will decide to invest in properties to make mid-term gains or generate a new passive income from rentals. Some of you will find yourself buying a new vehicle and upgrading your living standards. Due to the Mercury transit and its effects on relationships, your relationship with your mother might get tricky. You must pamper her a bit and show her some love and affection. 

Remedy: Wear a 4 Mukhi or a 10 Mukhi Rudraksha to please your Mercury. 

Always remember that these are generalized prophecies for the Mercury transit in Gemini 2024. 

Do you wish to learn more about the Mercury transit effects on every domain of your life? Just contact Tarot Sonia on Astroyogi.

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