Married at First Sight: The Role of Guna Milan in Modern Marriages

Sun, May 05, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Sun, May 05, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Married at First Sight: The Role of Guna Milan in Modern Marriages

Marriage—a sacred union of two souls.

Although we have progressed on many different levels, some cultures and traditions remain so ingrained in our society that no modern trend can ever replace them.

Guna Milan is one of those.

You might have heard about it before. But do you know what significance it entails in Hindu marriage? If not, we shall unfold every aspect of Guna Milan and reveal what foretells married at first sight. 

Let’s start!

What Is Guna Milan?

In Hindu families, the tradition of matching the Kundalis of the boy and the girl before marriage is as old as time.

The reason is based on the concept of Guna Milan.

“Guna” basically refers to the “qualities” or “characteristics” of a person. They are derived from the individual's birth details, which are mentioned in their Kundali.

In Hindu culture, it is believed that a couple whose Gunas match with each other would enjoy a successful life post-marriage. Guna Milan is a set of compatibility rules for marriage, as per Vedic astrology. It is an important factor that is considered before marriage. 

What Are The 36 Gunas in Hindu Marriage?

Ashtakoota refers to the eight aspects of life that play a vital role in deciding the fate of the marriage. These are the qualities based on which the compatibility between two individuals is determined. Each of these Ashtakootas represents certain Gunas. These are:

  1. Varna (1 Guna): Indicates the spiritual compatibility and occupational nature between the couple.

  2. Vashya (2 Gunas): Signifies who would be the dominant one in the relationship.

  3. Tara (3 Gunas): Indicates the compatibility between the birth star of the would-be bride and groom.

  4. Yoni (4 Gunas): Indicates the sexual compatibility between the couple.

  5. Graha Maitri (5 Gunas): Signifies the possibility of friendliness and affection between the couple. 

  6. Gana (6 Gunas): Indicates the habits and behavioral patterns of the couple.

  7. Bhakoot (7 Gunas): Indicates the intensity of emotional sensitivity between the couple and financial prosperity after marriage.

  8. Nadi (8 Gunas): Signifies the couple's physical compatibility and ability to start a new family. 

Based on these Ashtakootas, one can easily determine the Guna compatibility between a couple. That decides how successful the marriage will be. The maximum compatibility score can be 36.

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Married at First Sight - How Can Guna Milan Affect Your Married Life?

There are various ways in which Guna Milan is deemed important for a harmonious married life. For instance:

  • Determines compatibility: The foundation of a happy married life is general compatibility between the couple. Aspects like how well they get along, how similar their likes/dislikes are, etc., go a long way in ensuring a successful marriage. Guna Milan gives insights into these factors.

  • Effects on financial soundness: In this material world, financial stability often turns out to be crucial for survival and happiness. Thus, Guna Milan also tells us how fortunate or unfortunate the couple would be in terms of money and finances.

  • Foretells progeny: Guna Milan also tells how healthy and happy the offspring of the couple would be. Moreover, it predicts the number of children the couple will most likely give birth to.

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How Many Gunas Should Match for A Successful Marriage?

According to Vedic astrology, certain Guna scores are considered auspicious for marriage, while certain aren’t. Here’s a quick overview. 

  • A Guna score below 18 indicates poor compatibility. So, couples with this Guna score should avoid getting married or look for remedies to resolve the Doshas.

  • A Guna score between the range of 18-24 indicates moderate compatibility between the couple. In such a case, marriage is possible, but there will be minor issues.

  • A Guna score between the range of 25-32 indicates good compatibility and a happy married life.

  • A Guna score above 33 is considered highly auspicious, almost like a match made in heaven.

What Happens If 36 Out of 36 Gunas Match?

Although it’s rare for a couple to achieve 36 out of 36 in Guna compatibility, it’s not impossible. But the question is—does this really signify a successful married life? 

Well, it depends.

Marriage compatibility isn’t entirely based on Guna Milan. The condition of the houses and the position of the planets in the boy's and the girl's horoscopes also factor into deciding how good the marriage will be.

Summing Up

A wedding is one of the most meaningful events of anyone's life. But what's more important is choosing the right life partner with whom you are compatible on all fronts. In this context, Guna Milan can help.
In this blog, we discussed the ins and outs of Guna Milan in Hindu marriage. For more information on Guna Milan, connect with the astrologers at Astroyogi.

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