2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Who Holds The Key to India's Future?

Thu, Jan 25, 2024
Aacharya Aaditya
  By Aacharya Aaditya
Thu, Jan 25, 2024
Team Astroyogi
  By Aacharya Aaditya
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2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Who Holds The Key to India's Future?

The 2024 upcoming Elections in India will be a paramount point in India's political scenario as well as future stability and development; after all, the next leader who will lead the nation to new glory for the good of the masses will be selected.

One can assume that the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 date in India is expected to be held between April and May 2024 to elect 543 members of the Lok Sabha. 

With the next election in India just around the corner, all the biggest key players in the political parties have brought their A-game and put their best foot forward before the final of the General Elections 2024.

What Does The Astrology Predictions for Election 2024 Have to Say? Here's A Sneak Peek! 

With the Indian General Election 2024 gearing up for its final lap, everyone has questions regarding the outcome, such as who will be India's next Prime Minister? Will Congress make a comeback? Will the BJP win again? Will Congress win in 2024?

According to the astrology predictions for Election 2024, Saturn is a significant planet, and it will be a deciding factor in determining whether a native will be a successful politician or not. Whether you are entering into direct politics or surrogate entry is decided by the powerful planet Saturn.  

What Are The Prospects for Narendra Modi And Rahul Gandhi in The 2024 Elections? 

  • Narendra Modi: Astrology Predictions

Our current honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is a competent contender for continuing and leading the nation for the next term. No wonder his name pops up as a strong contender when talking about who will be the next PM of India in 2024 election predictions. According to the astrology predictions for 2024 Election India, the current and near-future transit of planets seem favorable for him. 

  1. Narendra Modi was born in a Scorpio Ascendant (ruled by Mars), and the presence of Saturn with Venus in his 10th house makes him compassionate. This enables him to get down to the level of an ordinary man and understand the problems. 

  2. It is worth noting that the government, led by PM Modi, has been tirelessly working for the upliftment of the common person. Such actions provide immense strength to a native's Saturn and make them a hero in the eyes of many. Currently, 740 Central Sector Schemes and 65 (plus or minus 7) Centrally Sponsored Schemes are in action. The Ayushman Bharat Yojana, Agnipath Scheme, Mahila Samman Savings Certificate, Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, etc., have uplifted the commoner and helped them to become self-reliant in different spheres of life. This factor has yielded immense strength to his Saturn.

  3. The BJP 2024 prediction astrology indicates that Narendra Modi is running the Mahadasha of the Lagna Lord, Mars, which is also the 6th Lord (known for competency or contesting ability), and it is completely in his favor. His Dasha pattern would be Mars-Saturn, which is ferocious enough to bring him desired results. 

  4. There is one more important thing to be observed in his birth chart. His Moon (being the Lord of the 9th house signifies luck) is debilitated in the Lagna. But the presence of Lagna Lord Mars cancels this debilitation and signifies the point that PM Modi's luck would be driven by his conscious thought process and sheer hard work, as per Narendra Modi's astrology predictions. His unique ability to think deeper and more thoughtfully about various aspects enables him to be better capable of ascending and holding on to higher positions of authority.

  5. Currently, the presence of Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th house offers prominent support, as per the BJP 2024 prediction astrology. Saturn is aspecting his 10th house (work or Karma), and Jupiter is casting its 5th aspect to the 10th house, causing a double transit influence on the 10th house. This also makes Shani Dhaiya, which is often a testing period of one's life. Narendra Modi became the honorable Prime Minister of India at the peak of his Sade Sati, so his hard work is backing him. Also, during the upcoming Election in India, his Jupiter would be aspecting the 10th Lord Sun in the 11th house (house of gains). The Sun signifies authority, which can mean a possible victory in the upcoming Election in India.

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  • Rahul Gandhi: Astrology Predictions

Rahul Gandhi is the apparent heir to the most powerful political dynasty in India. And it's no surprise that he is one of the biggest names in the 2024 Elections. Undoubtedly, Rahul Gandhi will face an uphill battle in the General Elections in 2024, especially against the Modi juggernaut. So, if you are interested in knowing when Congress will come back, astrology can offer you some insights. 

  1. Rahul Gandhi was born under the Capricorn Ascendant ruled by the planet Saturn. As per Rahul Gandhi's astrology predictions, Saturn is debilitated in his birth chart in the 4th house, and such a planetary situation may not be very favorable for a successful politician. As mentioned above, Saturn represents the masses, and a weak or debilitated Saturn is a spine-breaker for an ordinary person. 

  2. His Moon (7th Lord) is also debilitated. This planetary situation can hurt his public image somewhere, as the 7th house represents the public image of the native, as per the astrology predictions for 2024 Election India, so he will have to be a bit careful. There is no debilitating cancellation of Moon happening in his chart. Hence, he will receive little mental and emotional support from his near and dear ones. This can make things an uphill battle for him. So, he has to give everything his very best.

  3. The presence of Rahu in the 2nd house (the house of speech) may also mean that the oratory skills or expression may not be as effective as the native wants. As a result, the message may not be delivered to the audience. 

  4. Moreover, the current transits are not very positive for Rahul Gandhi as there is also a Shani Dhaiya in his 2nd house. He is under a lot of pressure, and as per the celestial bodies, it may be challenging for him to attain the desired results in the upcoming Election in India. He must work extra hard and push himself. 

  5. His operating Dasha during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 would be Mars-Rahu, which is not very conducive in nature. As a result, some people he knows may turn rogue. Rahul Gandhi is surely a worthy candidate for taking on the Modi juggernaut. He can make Narendra Modi's victory difficult by gaining a few important seats and giving him tough competition, but the overall result being in his favor can be tricky this time, as per the celestial bodies. But the outcome of the next Election in India can only be known once the final results are out.  

Concluding Thoughts

According to the astrology predictions for the 2024 Election India, both gentlemen are currently running their Shani Dhaiya. As we know, Shani Dev is a formidable taskmaster and the deliverer of justice. Hence, you can rest assured that the more eligible candidate will likely excel and lead the country and the masses to a better future. 

All in all, what will eventually transpire in the upcoming Election in India is something we will only discover when the final results are out. Until then, we all must hope that the best candidate wins and ultimately does wonders for the nation.

Best of luck to the candidates! 

If you have any astrology-related concerns, contact Aacharya Aaditya on Astroyogi instantly!

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