Venus Transit in Capricorn on 27th February 2022: What Can You Expect?

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Venus Transit in Capricorn on 27th February 2022: What Can You Expect?

The planet Venus is known for romance, love, and money and is the ruler of Taurus and Libra. Venus is associated with love, diplomacy, artistic, luxury, art, sensitivity, and creative qualities. This planet has special significance for close partnership, including marriage. Venus, the planet of love, rules over all objects and behaviors that are pleasurable, luxurious, graceful, beautiful, and attractive. With all these qualities, a Venus transit in Capricorn sign will occur, wherein the planet Venus will remain in Capricorn from 10:37 AM (IST, New Delhi) on 27th February 2022 (Sunday) to 08:53 (IST, New Delhi) AM on 31st March 2022 (Thursday).

Before we can move on to how the Venus transit in Capricorn will affect our lives, let’s get to know a little about the zodiac sign - Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign. This transit of Venus in Capricorn will ensure that the results are stable, perfect, and long-lasting, especially for those who believe that a regular order should be maintained for the smooth functioning of day-to-day life.

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Now, let’s find out what the impact of the transit of Venus in 2022 in Capricorn is going to have for every ascendant. In this article, you will also get remedies of Venus transit that can be of enormous help to you during this period. Let’s read on. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Aries

The planet Venus will transit in the house of social status which means the 10th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit. 

  • You will see an improvement in their career.
  • You have to become more practical and make long-term plans during this time. 
  • Your interest in handicrafts will increase during this time. 
  • You will be able to utilize and optimize your skills and capabilities during this period. 
  • The business and things associated with Saturn, like metal, chemicals, etc., will prove to be profitable for you.  
  • Those involved in film, music, and theater will get a lot of fame and recognition during this time. 
  • Some natives might be a little skeptical about their professional life. 
  • You will get financial gains from abroad or through anything associated with craft and luxury.
  • You will be able to achieve all your professional goals. 
  • You will be able to purchase a new car or vehicle. 
  • Those involved in business can start a new business associated with metal, chemicals, or any oil-related venture. 

Remedy - Share your food with your office colleagues and juniors.

Impact of Venus Transit on Taurus 

Venus will transit in the house of philosophy, the 9th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit. 

  • The timing is right for people who want to go out of the country to pursue higher education. 
  • You will support religious and spiritual activities during this time.
  • Your father and the elderly family members will be quite concerned about marriage and welcoming a new family member. 
  • During this period, you will be supported by luck, due to which your love relationships will thrive. 
  • This transit will be good for the people associated with politics. 
  • You will be more passionate about love and romance during this time. 

Remedy - Visit religious places.

Impact of Venus Transit on Gemini 

Venus will transit in your 8th house, which is the house of research and unexpected gain. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.  

  • During this period, you might be blessed with ancestral property. 
  • You can start any research-related work that is associated with abroad. 
  • Marriage is on the cards during this period. 
  • This is also a good time financially as you can invest in the share market and earn a lot. 
  • There are indications that married people will receive valuables as a gift from their in-laws.
  • Your love relationships will become more mature and intimate during this transit. 

Remedy - You must visit a place of worship like a temple and bow your head.

Impact of Venus Transit on Cancer

Venus will transit in the house of partnership, which is the 7th house. Venus is considered very strong in the 7th house of Capricorn. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.   

  • During this time, there are indications of marriage and the birth of a second child.
  • A new partnership might also start during this time. 
  • The bond in your love relationships will get stronger. 
  • You might go on a short trip with a close friend during the transit.
  • You will get more success in your personal and professional life.
  • You will be more clever during this time; as a result, you will be able to choose the right job that pays well and the right person. 

Remedy - Use perfumes and fragrant essentials.

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Impact of Venus Transit on Leo

Venus will transit in the house of health and competition, i.e., in the 6th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.

  • You will be more clever, smarter, and stronger.
  • During this time, you might have to face disagreements with your father and some senior family members, but you will enjoy wealth. 
  • You will enjoy and have an excellent time using your own money and belongings. 
  • You will be famous because of your children and your thoughts.
  • This transit will increase your creativity and productivity.
  • You will have a lot of concerns regarding the health of the elderly members of your family. 
  • You can purchase pets and birds for yourself or gift them to your loved ones.

Remedy -  Wear white clothes on Friday.

Impact of Venus Transit on Virgo

Venus will transit in the house of pleasure and Poorva Punya, i.e., the 5th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.   

  • This transit will put you in a happy mood. You will get happiness from the little joys in life. You will also be peaceful and calm. Additionally, you are also likely to get financial benefits during this time. 
  • You will feel romance in the air. When it comes to romance, share your feelings with your partner. 
  • Married couples can think of expanding their family at this time. 
  • This is a good time for people to move towards the creation of art and culture.
  • The transit of Venus in Capricorn may develop your interest in gambling and stock markets.
  • During this period, you can take risks to make quick money in less time. 
  • This transit can lead to a reunion and reconciliation of old relationships. 
  • You will get support from your children. 
  • You will attain new achievements in the field of education and skills. 

Remedy- Serve your mother or other women of your mother’s age. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Libra 

The planet Venus will transit in the house of family and home, i.e., the 4th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.   

  • Due to the transit, you will receive gifts and decorative items from elders. 
  • You can derive pleasure by spending money on a new house or car. 
  • Your partner and close family members will add to your happiness and pleasure during this period.
  • Your expenses will increase during this time as you will be spending money on luxurious items. 
  • You can invest in more than one property.
  • You may experience more love towards your mother or father and your birthplace.
  • You will meet old friends, which can happen through digital media.

Remedy - Keep your house’s roof clean. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Scorpio

Venus will transit in the house of communication and courage, i.e., your 3rd house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.   

  • You will find an important role in the organization, where you will be handling many responsibilities and groups of people.
  • People whose marriages have been delayed will find an opportune time to get married during this transit. 
  • You will meet old friends and family members. Your diplomatic skills will help you in resolving family matters.
  • Your written and verbal communication skills will get enhanced during this time. Your YouTube channel, blogs, and any written work will be recognized, and you will get success. 
  • Avoid unwanted talk and false promises during this time. If there is any conflict, you will manage to get it resolved quickly.
  • This will be an excellent time for natives who are actively involved in sports, as they will get many achievements.  
  • You might change your career and take up a job prospect that is more practical and is outside the country. 

Remedy - Focus on physical fitness and doing daily exercises. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Sagittarius

Venus will transit in the house of possessions, money, and speech, which is the 2nd house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.

  • Due to this transit, your life will become enriched. 
  • Your wealth and property will get a major boost, and you will have multiple sources of earning money.
  • Some natives will get the blessings of having a new family member in their lives.  
  • Your financial condition will improve, and you can begin by making savings.
  • You are likely to get closer to your family and become quite practical when it comes to planning for the future. 
  • You will be more concerned about your creative and artistic talents and your happiness during this time. 
  • You will meet charming and attractive personalities and start new adventures with them.

Remedy - Take control of your diet, and keep a check on your eating habits. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Capricorn 

The planet Venus will transit in the house of self, i.e., the 1st house. This transit is happening in the 1st house, and the 1st house represents "you" and governs your sense of self, so there will be internal and external development that will happen in your life. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.  

  • The transit will ensure that you become a leader in all sectors. You will also get fame very soon. 
  • The people who are in the business of trading clothes are likely to make profits.
  • You will be unable to take an interest in religious work during this period.
  • Marriage and remarriage are possible during this period, so the time is right for those who want to get into a relationship again.
  • Growth in foreign-related business is possible at this time.
  • Long-term and chronic diseases can get cured.
  • New relationships and marriage proposals are on the cards. 
  • Love birds will get to spend more time with each other. This will be a pleasant time for them. 

Remedy - Try to control your ego and flatulence during this time. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Aquarius 

Venus will transit in the house of the subconscious, i.e., the 12th house. This house indicates marriage, pleasure, sleep, Moksha, etc. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.    

  • The natives working abroad will benefit from this transit. You will get the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. 
  • A financial crisis might be a possibility during this time. Hence, it will become essential to control your expenses at this time. 
  • There is a possibility of getting benefits from the government system, for instance, legal matters and foreign trade. 
  • You can pursue your fantasies for love and build a connection with the opposite gender. 
  • During this time, beware of illnesses and avoid hospitals and medicines unless necessary.
  • You might get an inclination to move towards spirituality during this time. 
  • If you are a writer or physiologist, this is the best time to hone your hidden talent and optimize your inner strength.
  • You might get more success if you are far from home and with the help of a female native. 

Remedy - Keep expenses under control and seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. 

Impact of Venus Transit on Pisces  

The planet Venus will transit in the house of friendship, expectation, fulfillment, gain, and profit, i.e., the 11th house. Given below is what you can expect from this transit.  

  • This transit will improve your source of income, and your work will get recognition. 
  • New assets will get added, which will make you feel proud. 
  • Those looking to establish new work and start-ups, but were not making much progress for a long time, are in for some good news. You are likely to get success in this period.
  • Some natives might be blessed with marriage or a new love connection.
  • Your elder brother or any other elder in your family and your own children will make you happy.
  • You might start a new job, and there could be discussions about travel plans.
  • You might get gains related to the stock market and lotteries.  

Remedy - Start getting involved in educational, technological, and telnet-related activities.  

Note- These all are general predictions based on the transit of the planets. The predictions may vary from person to person and their birth time.  

The Venus transit in Capricorn will bring many changes, both positive and negative, as well as happiness and fortune to our lives. However, this Venus transit's impact will be different for different individuals.  

To know how this transit will impact your life and fortune, it is best to get in touch with Rajdeep Pandit on Astroyogi right away!  

By - Rajdeep Pandit


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