Russia-Ukraine War 2022: What Can Astrology Reveal About the Conflict?

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Rajdeep Pandit By Rajdeep Pandit
Russia-Ukraine War: What Can Astrology Reveal About the Conflict?

For a long time, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in an armed conflict, and finally, Russia attacked its neighboring nation on 24th Feb 2022 (IST). What are the ramifications of this war as per astrology? Read on to find out.

After the 2nd world war, global power was divided into two parts. One faction was led by America while the other by USSR.

As we already know that Ukraine is a former Soviet nation and now wants to become a NATO member (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a group that was created to provide collective security against the Soviet Union expansionist policy.

If Ukraine joins NATO, it is eligible to get support from NATO groups in case of external attacks, and Russia thinks that would not be good for it as this will also bring the group closer to its border.

Now Russia demands guarantees that its neighbor does not join the global organization, but Ukraine rejected this.  Let us understand this in more detail:

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Why are Russia and Ukraine Fighting?

President Putin has been at odds with NATO’s policy of eastward expansion. With Ukraine keen on joining NATO, Russia wanted to ensure Ukraine never joins hands with the organization. President Putin has long held staunch views about Russia and Ukraine being one. He holds the vision of a strong Russia as it was pre-collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. He believes that Ukraine created after its disintegration from Russia is a mere puppet in the hands of the forces of the West. For this reason, he wants to prevent Ukraine from joining hands with NATO, an alliance that might be a threat to Russia. But there are other underlying reasons behind this conflict brewing for years. Let us quickly list them out for you:

  • Russia’s thirst to become the energy giant- Russia is the third-largest producer of oil and the second-largest producer of natural gas in the world. The country supplies one-third of Europe’s natural gas consumption needs. Sanctions being imposed on Russia after its aggressive action in Ukraine will be problematic for the European countries solely dependent on Russia for energy needs.
  • Russia Vs. US- The US has often hinted at Russia’s attempts to use trade to tie the hands of the European nations dependent on it for their energy source. Since the second world war, The Soviet Union has tried to offer favorable economic deals to countries to become the next superpower by increasing their dependence upon it for energy.
  • Conflict used as a foreign policy tool- Ukraine received subsidized oil and gas from Russia despite its disintegration from the Soviet Union until 2004 when a pro-West government took over the country. Russia revoked the cheaper prices and demanded Ukraine pay market rates. When Ukraine refused to comply, Russia restricted the flow of gas, building a narrative that Ukraine is not reliable as a gas transit country, thus commissioning the Nord Stream pipeline directly from Russia to Germany.

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Astrology Fact of Russia-Ukraine war:

As per the available horoscope of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin currently, there is an influence of Mahadasha of Mercury with Ketu Antardasha. Due to this astrological combination, he will be victorious and will certainly achieve his agendas.

In this sequence, as per Russia’s horoscope, during this time, due to Rahu-Mangal dasha, it will face some more trouble on the money and stability front.

Russia-Ukraine War Impact World and India:

Now, what are the astrological aspects that lead to the start of this war, and what will be its effect on global politics as well as on our country? Let us understand this in detail below:

  • In January 2014, P.Poroshenko was elected as the president of Ukraine in the month of May in the Vimshottari mahadasha of Jupiter-Mercury (R). Both these planets were in the eighth house of the horoscope and were prominent even during the fall of Ukraine's pro-Moscow president. This was when the actual problem started.
  • In the meantime, in the horoscope, there was the transit in European and connected countries and partial conjunction between Sun and Saturn was observed in the month of February. Due to this violent and powerful shifting, a yoga is showing and there are more supporting five Tuesdays in March month. All this indicates sudden death and defamation. There might also be a plane crash somewhere in the world.
  • In March month, Guru will be in trespassing motion, and the effect of the kalsarpa yoga will be evident. European countries will hence also face war-type situations like airbase attacks and explosions.
  • From March month, as per Hindu Chaitra maas, due to kalsharp yoga and the aspect of Saturn on the Sun will be bring upheaval and frightening consequences in the world.
  • New equations will be formed within many countries, and the coming situation is indicating a bloody and violent outcome, especially in Taiwan, the Middle East, Uganda, and Afghanistan.
  • After April 2022, Mangal-Shani yuti and yoga also give an indication of a world war because America-led NATO will react to the ongoing situation.
  • Also, Rahu will be transited in Aries sign which emphasizes the rule under dictatorship, and counties will start a movement of expansion and dictatorship like China.
  • A glimpse at history tells us that when the Sun transit in Capricorn, like in the year 1962, 1992, and now in 2022, it created destruction. Conditions like the spread of diseases will increase tension. To support this prediction, we can use the example of the Indian War in 1962.
  • The population of Ukraine voted overwhelmingly for independence in the referendum of 1st December 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. They handled the post-war circumstances at home in 1992 and now in 2022. This combination of Yogas in Capricorn is the main reason for the war.

 Russia-Ukraine War Impact For The World:

On February 27, 2022, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Moon, will be together in Capricorn. It is time for a big upheaval in the world. The next 18 days are crucial for this war. Exalted Mars will impact the next four years, affecting the entire world.

Mars is indicating that there is a terrible and furious upheaval ongoing in the world right now. Mars is symbolic and representative of Red China, Maoist organizations, war, fire, explosion. Due to this, many countries of the world will be embroiled in conflict, especially some countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Burma. 

But even though the major countries of the world, including America, will continue to strive for world peace, all their efforts will prove to be a simple misapprehension. 

Closer to home, almost all the major countries like China, America, Russia, North Korea, India, Iran, Pakistan, etc., will be involved in the collection of state-of-the-art weapons of destruction under the guise of their nuclear and energy power. Equations will be formed between some new countries in world politics as well. 

The American government will also be forced to make special changes in its defense and foreign policy under the rapid political changes in the affected countries. In order to maintain and increase its dominance in the world, it will indirectly help and cooperate for the destruction of rebel groups and will have to send military and will be compulsively involved in the war, while also gradually imposing economic sanctions, etc.

In the global market, the war will hit various things, including oil, gold, commodity, and the stock market. At the same time, many markets of the world will also see a sharp decline and will be directly affected. There will also be severe consequences that will be seen on the economy of many countries.

A bad yoga (Khapper) will be forming in the coming month, and because of that, people will migrate to another place. There will also be a shift in power in the same country without approval, and few new states will be formed.

After this war, there are also signs of the whole world getting immersed once again in the grip of a major economic recession when the world will be trying to heal itself after the corona pandemic.

Astrology Fact of Russia-Ukraine War for India:

For India, according to the horoscope of the country, this year, the Mahadasha of the Moon is ongoing and is the depositor of the 3rd house. In such a situation, diseases will be prevalent. Hence, the country will be involved in balancing epidemics while resolving internal problems as well as those on the world stage. The country will be successful in playing an important role on a global scale too. India's credibility will therefore increase. Different countries of the world will certainly give respect to India due to this.

War is never good, and this one seems no different; however, with a positive outlook, we can certainly combat all odds. We hope this period of struggle is over soon and happiness prevails all over the world.

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