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Mahadasha is misinterpreted due to lack of knowledge and understanding. The word Mahadasha sounds a little vicious but its implication is opposite to what you believe in. So what is Mahadasha? It is nothing but a period that is ruled by any of the nine planets, which comes in the life of every individual. Mahadasha is a great period that knocks at the door of your fate and brings great and fruitful results.

The Mahadasha span is of 120 years in total, which is distributed amongst nine planets. Different Mahadasha has a different effect on your life depending on what is the foundation of that planet in general. What is that effect going to be, depending on the placement of that planet in your horoscope and various other factors are to be seen alongside? So, not just one thing is in play while determining the inferences.

There are nine Mahadasha periods and further, it is divided into nine Antardasha. Not only the first and primary planet tells you what this Dasha is going to bring, but the following secondary planet of the associated Antardasha also has an equal say in this. You can know about the course of life by understanding both the Mahadasha and the Antardasha to know what good and bad is about to come in front.

These dasha's are highly dependent on the placement of the Moon because the moon is considered as the initiation point in your life. Different Yogas and Doshas can be identified and rectified while you are in any Mahadasha. This is because every Dasha has a different impact and it is important to do a complete investigation before finding any remedial measures.

There are many types of Dasha systems but “Vimshottari Dasha" is one amongst the rest, which is the most famous and highly used one. Under this system, the average lifespan of a human being, which was considered to be 120 years during Vedic times, is divided among nine

9 Mahadasha Period : Time Span

  • Sun Mahadasha (Surya Mahadasha) : 6 years
  • Venus Mahadasha (Shukra Mahadasha) : 20 years
  • Saturn Mahadasha (Shani Mahadasha) : 19years
  • Moon Mahadasha (Chandra Mahadasha) : 10 years
  • Jupiter Mahadasha (Guru Mahadasha) : 16 years
  • Ketu Mahadasha (Ketu Mahadasha) : 7 years
  • Rahu Mahadasha (Rahu Mahadasha) : 18 years
  • Mars Mahadasha (Mangal Mahadasha) : 7 years
  • Mercury Mahadasha (Budh Mahadasha) : 17 years

All the years sum up to become 120 years in total. There are further nine Antardashas. These are the extended versions of the Mahadasha. The Antardasha planets will have an influence on the main planet, which either amplify or decrease the effect of the planet depending on their power and placement.

Mars represents physical embodiment or ground; Rahu denotes mischief and perplexity; Jupiter stands for wealth, knowledge, power and spirituality; Saturn is for hard work and judgments; Mercury symbolizes intelligence and knowledge; Ketu has roots towards longevity, career and wealth; Venus represents love, relationships, passion, and happiness; Sun shows its radiance in form of name, fame, authority, and aggression.

These are the different types of Mahadasha that every individual has to go through in their lives. These Mahadasha can either make you or break you.

Mahadasha Effects in Your Life

Mahadasha effects are huge in your life because it has a great role to play in your Horoscope and further course of life. All your activities are based on what Mahadasha you are going to enter next and what is currently running in your life. During any Mahadasha you will get awards or punishments based on the deeds you were doing in the past. The fruits are also associated with your past life. Basically, this is all about Karma.

Moon determines what Dasha is going to come next in your life. Right from birth, you go into one Dasha after another depending on your natal chart and it determines what kind of Mahadasha effects you are going to see and feel. The ruling planet of the Mahadasha placed in a right or wrong way decides whether it will bring a beneficial or malefic effect in your life.

No Dasha has complete bad or complete good effects on your life. Every planet has something to offer to everyone. Everything is interrelated and impacts are unknown to everyone. It all depends on the individual and how you manage your mind, body, and soul during the Mahadasha period.

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