Numerology Monthly Predictions for October 2020 By Tarot Pooja

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Numerology Monthly Predictions for October 2020 By Tarot Pooja

October Month is the 10th calendar month of the year, which signifies number 1 in numerology. It is the number for the Sun which signifies our professional life & career and also represents our biological father. It also impacts our digestive system, especially the stomach and the organs that are directly associated with the process of digestion.

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And since 2020 continues to be the Rahu Year, it has a deep association with the Number 4, that will make the hardships and complexities continue in our lives.


In October, we will see the overall economy getting impacted, a rise in health issues, a lot of mental/emotional problems, and a tremendous increase in the problems related to the nervous system, digestive system, etc.


But you need not worry about these things because all can be sorted with some patience, hard work and a lot of healing and positivity. We can travel through this time very smoothly and evolve into a higher version of ourselves.


This is a very good time for self growth, introspection and going within our subconscious mind to understand ourselves better. It can be considered the best time for the spiritual seekers to intensify their sadhanas. So now, all you need to do is stop being concerned about the world and take out some time to go deep within yourself.


Now let us see October Predictions For All The Numbers !!!

For your predictions, now add up your birthday date to a single digit (for example, if your birthday is on the 23rd of any month, then add 2 and 3, which gives you Number 5). And then you can read your monthly forecast accordingly. These Predictions are a combination of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology; and this is why they give more accurate and holistic readings.


Oct Predictions For Number 1 People                        

The Number For Sun


(For those born on 1,19,28)


Anger issues are highlighted in the upcoming month, that may lead to anxiety and restlessness. Anger is not suitable for anyone and only acts as a poison for us. So please try to ignore small things in your day to day life and do not make a mountain out of a mole. And then life will be much simpler & happier for you.


You will also get many reasons and days to celebrate with your family. Please make the most out of it and have some fun moments with them.


Lucky Color - White

Lucky Crystal - Selenite


General Remedy – Feed Cows

Vastu Remedy - Put beautiful flowers in your bedroom    


Oct Predictions For Number 2 People -          
The Number For Moon


(For those born on 2,11,20,29 )


Your focus and concentration will be impacted in the upcoming month, and you might feel distracted. It can affect your work as well as personal life. This is the time when you need to be aware of what is going on around you. Regular meditation and yoga practice will undoubtedly keep you balanced and focused.


You do not need to do multitasking all the time. Try doing one thing at a time and follow the “KISS” Concept – Keep It Short & Simple !!!


Lucky Color - Purple

Lucky Crystal - Amethyst


General Remedy – Cut Vegetables & Fruits daily

Vastu Remedy - Check your kitchen for Vastu dosh, if any. The kitchen should be in the SE direction.


Oct Predictions For Number 3 People -            

The Number For Jupiter


( For those born on 3,12,21,30)


This is the month of introspection for you. You will get the time and opportunity to look within and see the pattern of your life to resolve your deep-rooted long term issues. This will bring in immense transformation in your life. Do support it by doing regular meditation.


Also, please do not ignore your health right now, as it might become a reason of worry later.


Lucky Color - Orange

Lucky Crystal - Orange Onyx


General Remedy – Clean all the mirrors of the house

Vastu Remedy - Check the Puja Room of your home. Ideally, it should be in the NE direction.


These are only Generalized Predictions, and for your specific & more accurate readings, you may connect with Tarot Pooja. You may ask her questions about your Career, Health, Relationship, or anything else.


Oct Predictions For Number 4 People -        

The Number For Rahu


( For those born on 4,13,22,31)


This month shows New Beginnings for you. It might be anything - a new job or a new project or a new relationship. Something will begin from the scratch. It could even be a new business or a partnership with someone. You can definitely go ahead with this as this is a good time for new beginnings.


Lucky Color - Silver

Lucky Crystal - Pyrite


General Remedy – Feed Crows

Vastu Remedy – Put a Water Fountain in NE direction 


Oct Predictions For Number 5 People -             

The Number For Mercury


(For those born on 5,14,23 )


Marriage, Engagement, New Child - any of these can happen in your extended family. Some of Number 5s may get into long term commitments as well. If you get into any relationship right now then it will be super fulfilling and successful.  


A lot of abundance is coming your way this month as well.



Lucky Color - Green

Lucky Crystal - Green Jade


General Remedy – Use Indian Rose Aroma/Itar/Perfume

Vastu Remedy – Keep Rose flowers or petals near your bed or pillow while sleeping


Oct Predictions For Number 6 People -             

The Number For Venus


( For those born on 6,15,24 )


Prayers, Rituals, Hobbies will keep you occupied this month, and you will be in a state of Bliss. It would be best if you let go of things, people, and situations that no longer serve you any purpose. It is time to drop the past baggage and enjoy the Present Moment.


Learn to remain in the Present Moment & Enjoy the Bliss!


Lucky Color - White

Lucky Crystal – Pearl


General Remedy - Donate Food Items to the needy

Vastu Remedy - Clean all the windows & doors of the house


These are only Generalized Predictions, and for your specific and more accurate readings, you connect with Tarot Pooja. You may ask her questions about your Career, Health, Relationship, or anything else.


Oct Predictions For Number 7 People -                 

The Number For Ketu


( For those born on 7,16,25 )


Love Life will be robust this month for Number 7s. Some of Number 7 who are still single will get committed for sure. Good time to spend quality time with your partner. Do indulge in activities that will increase your bonding and companionship.


Lucky Color - Red

Lucky Crystal - Red Carnelian


General Remedy – Wear Rose Perfume, Itar, or Aroma

Vastu Remedy – Keep Rose Quartz & White Crystals in your bedroom


Oct Predictions For Number 8 People -                

The Number For Saturn


( For those born on 8,17,26 )


Number 8s, please look after your health this month. Seems like you have been ignoring yourself for a while now. But now is the time to do things for yourself - things that give you Happiness. You will indeed be connecting with other like-minded people directly, and your Social Network is likely to increase.


Lucky Color - Pink

Lucky Crystal - Rose Quartz


General Remedy - Donate Rice

Vastu Remedy – Plant a Tulsi Plant in your house & water it every day


Oct Predictions For Number 9 People -              

The Number For Mars


( For those born on 9,18,27 )


Number 9s you need to surrender and compromise in your love life right now. No point in having ego clashes and arguments. At times we need to let go and even forgive others for the overall picture and long term gains. Keep your ego at check, and do not get impulsive.


Lucky Color - Yellow

Lucky Crystal - Citrine


General Remedy - Donate Water

Vastu Remedy - Keep a Shree Yantra


These are only Generalized Predictions, and for your specific and more accurate readings, you may connect with Tarot Pooja. You may ask her questions about your Career, Health, Relationship, or anything else.


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