Must Know Vaastu Facts for Everyone by Chandresh Sharmaa

 It is always advisable to consult a Vaastu consultant when you are building, renovating or redesigning your home. Expert Vaastu consultant and Numerologist: Chandresh Sharmaa provides some must know Vaastu facts for everyone:

•    Locate the Cupboard or safe for keeping cash and jewellery in the West or North direction. If not possible one can keep it in the south-west or south direction, however, should open towards the North direction, the realm of Kuber, who will keep it replenished by doing so.

•    Keep the North-east portion of the house open and free from clutter. Never have a staircase, toilet and kitchen in North as it is Fatal.

•    Must keep in mind energy flow of the premises, North-east should be the lowest then North-west then south-east and highest should be the south-west in terms of floor level.

•    Never have a dripping faucet or plumbing as it drains the finances of the house.

•    As per Vaastu Shastra, South-east also known as Agneya Corner should be used for Cooking purposes. However, apart from South-east direction, there are various other directions where cooking can be done and residents of the house can bring zeal and growth in their life.

•    Kitchen in the North East and South-west direction should be strictly prohibited. It attracts bad health and relationship issues respectively.

•    As per Vaastu Shastra, north-west direction should be used for storage purpose. North-west being the direction of support if balanced and properly managed as per Vaastu Shastra helps the person to get right kind of people for help at the time of need.

•    Toilet in the north-west Vaastu direction if not balanced or managed flushes away the cash in hand and support at the time of need.

•    North-west Vaastu zone is also the place of kuldevi/kuldevtas as per Vaastu Shastra who blesses us with support and help at the time of need.

•    North-east Vaastu direction also known as Ishaan corner of the house should be used for making the place of gods (Devtas). As per Vaastu Shastra Shiv Parivar, is the lord of North East direction.

•    Worshipping Lord Shiva in this zone proves very beneficial for the residents of the house.

•    If not possible in the north-east direction we have various other directions available in the house where we may place the temple and worship with its respective lords.

•    As per Vaastu Shastra, ideal use for south-west Vaastu direction is to make a tool room. Being the direction of skill if tools are kept in an organised manner, the person becomes organised and skilful.

•    South-west direction is responsible for good relationships and skills so if not wisely managed can bring bad relationships and skills in our life. It is also the place of ancestors in the house.

Simple yet effective Vaastu solutions without any demolition can easily help us rectify the Vaastu related issues in our house or workplace. People living in Vaastu compliant spaces can easily achieve peace, good health and prosperity.

Consult Chandresh Sharmaa on Astroyogi for your Vaastu related or numerology queries.


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