Mars Transit in Virgo Is About To Help You Earn Your Self- Respect Back.

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The Mars transit to Virgo On 6th September And Its Impact On Your Destiny

Mars would transit to Virgo on 06  September 2021 and stay there for around 45 days. Mercury owns Virgo, and it happens to be a neutral sign to Mars. Mars rules energy, vigour, self-effort, blood element in the body, decisiveness, younger co-borns, occult, self-respect, boldness, competitiveness, loans, property, etc. In Astrology, its influence is far-reaching on human lives. 

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The following are the likely results of this transit to various Moon signs.



Mars would transit to the 6th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. You would boom with confidence and maintain a very optimistic disposition. Your enemies would dare not face you. 

  • Your loan/mortgage situation would improve, and the overall income flow would be stable. 

  • Work-life would be rewarding provided you are willing to accept fresh responsibilities. 

  • Express yourself elegantly in front of your superiors in case you get an opportunity to do so. 

  • Avoid extremities in behaviour and, instead, maintain calm in situations where you feel challenged. Your younger co-borns would yield happiness to you.



Mars would transit to the 5th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Some good degree of knowledge would be coming your way, and it can turn out to be very helpful in acquiring a new skill set. Those involved in academic pursuits can have some evident foreign connections for future education. 

  • You may find it challenging to have a cordial relationship with your spouse so avoid heated arguments and differences of opinion. 

  • Your gut may yield some health-related problems, so keep a good watch on your health. 

  • Some important capital expenditure appears to be on the cards, and you need to approach it diligently.



Mars would transit to the 4th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Some long pending property cases head for some resolution. The domestic environment may not be very conducive, and you need to act very maturely to handle this situation. 

  • Work would be progressive, but there can be occasions of conflict. 

  • Income flow is likely to be very smooth, and long-pending outstanding payments may be realized. 

  • Your relationship with your spouse/love interest may appear to be headed for the rocks, but you need to act patiently, and this situation will disappear.



Mars would transit to the 3rd house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your overall energy levels would be very high, and you would be acting very bold in your thoughts and actions. Work-life would be very progressive, and there would be many occasions for exhibiting your skills and talents. 

  • Work-related journeys are likely to yield desired results. 

  • Your younger co-borns would be a source of happiness to you, and you should also reciprocate in the like manner. 

  • It may also be a good time to acquire some new practical skills at work. 

  • Just avoid being too aggressive in words; otherwise, it can hamper a few good things for you.

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Mars would transit to the 2nd house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your overall luck factor would boom up, and there would be growth heading your way. If you can maintain a sweet tongue and humbleness, you would generate a lot of respect and growth. 

  • Keep a strict check on your physical health as there are chances of falling ill/developing some long term ailment. 

  • Stick to orally correct behaviour and try not to get into an unnecessary highlight. 

  • Be very calm if you face a situation where some old work related to personal issues crops up again. 

  • Do not feel haunted and rather be bold in solving it.

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Mars would transit to Lagna, and it is likely to deliver negative results. Your temperament would be erratic, and you may get judgemental on many things. It would help if you ideally avoided such behaviour. 

  • Avoid intoxication of all kinds; otherwise, there can be some serious health-related problems. 

  • Avoid all kinds of strife in the family, especially while dealing with your spouse. 

  • Avoid confronting the situation, and people that you already know can retaliate strongly. 

  • Work may not be as rewarding in the earlier times, but it would also not be stationery. 

  • Speculation and like activities should be avoided entirely. 



Mars would transit to the 12th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Aggression would not be helpful, so kindly part off with it. Avoid any big capital expenditure and involve your seniors/family members before finalizing anything related to the matter. 

  • Stay close to your spouse/love interest as it may feel aloof. 

  • Work would be stable, but desired results may take some time to reach at your end. 

  • Drive safely on the road and avoid road rage and heated arguments with strangers. 

  • Defer loan/mortgage-related transactions and avoid accepting unnecessary loan offers.



Mars would transit to the 11th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your competitiveness would be on a complete high, and it would be a good time to take a calculated risk at work. Work-life would be very rewarding and satisfying. 

  • If you have been longing for some favour from your superiors, then it would be a good time to ask for it. 

  • You may likely get it in a better form than what you are expecting. 

  • Your aura would shine, and your enemies would dare not show up. 

  • Your physical body would be observing high energy levels, and you would be maintaining an ailment free disposition.



Mars would transit to the 10th house, and it is likely to deliver very good results. Mars turned directionally strong in the 10th house, and it is one of the best placements. Work would be very fast-moving, equally rewarding. 

  • Take calculated risks, and you are very likely to generate extra results. 

  • There can be a case where you may have to incur a few regulated losses at work but remember that the subsequent profits/benefits would be much higher. 

  • You would be maintaining a hot temperament. 

  • Just remember to react at the right place in front of the right people. 

  • Domestic affairs would be sturdy and rolling. A family meeting on something can be expected. 



Mars would transit to the 9th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Work-life and domestic affairs would align properly and are likely to provide the same level of happiness. It can turn out to be one of the best times to make a switch in your job or start a new venture on your own. 

  • Some long-distance journeys are on the cards, and short work-related journeys can also happen. Your Father is likely to gain loads of importance so stay connected with him. 

  • Keep track of your priority as there are chances of deviation in that. 

  • Your good luck factor would be very high, and you are likely to maintain a very cheerful disposition.



Mars would transit to the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. This transit would carry many if’s and but’s for you to gain proper results. Work may be temporarily unstable so learn to cope up with it accordingly. Any attempts for shortcuts to success can turn very bad, so think twice before attempting anything of that sort. 

  • Likewise, any/all activities that yield a quick buck should be avoided. 

  • Otherwise, there can be potential losses. 

  • Check your company among new people as there can be some enemies in hiding. 

  • There can be some disturbances in the income pattern, but you should take it easy.



Mars would transit to the 7th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Work-life may yield some growth opportunities, but your current clientele may cause some disturbances, so maintain your calm. 

  • Your temperament may not be very even, so weigh your words before you speak them. 

  • There can be discord with your spouse/love interest so try to solve it with love and emotion. 

  • Your investment portfolio can deliver some profits that should be booked, and also, there can be occasions for making fresh additions. 

  • There can be some good luck factor flowing your way very appropriately as and when you need it.


Best of Luck

Aacharya Aaditya