Mercury Transit in Virgo on 26 August 2021

Tue, Aug 24, 2021
Aacharya Aaditya
  By Aacharya Aaditya
Tue, Aug 24, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Aacharya Aaditya
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Mercury Transit in Virgo on 26 August 2021

Mercury would enter Virgo on 26 August 2021 and stay here for almost three weeks. Virgo happens to be a zodiac sign owned by Mercury and it also happens to be the sign for exaltation for it. Mercury rules intellect, knowledge, education, academics, maternal relations, green color, skin, competitiveness, mantra recitation, scriptures, short distance journeys, youthfulness, data interpretation, trading, negotiation, banking, education, insurance, wealth management etc.

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Let us try to understand the likely results of this transit to different Moon zodiac signs.


Mercury would transit to the 6th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Your mental faculties would be very bright but ensure that it is put to the right use. Your competitiveness would be on the high and it can be a good time to deal in competitive exams and interviews and gain a breakthrough. 

  • Eating healthy can yield a very consistent mental and physical balance. 

  • Your maternal relations, especially your Mother’ younger co-borns can gain importance during this time. 

  • Some well-planned and tough journeys can be very rewarding. 

  • Money flow would be smooth during this time. Know more about Aries


Mercury would transit to the 5th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Your children would gain tremendous importance during this time. Your mental abilities would be brightening up just remember to stay grounded. 

  • You’ll find good reasons to stay close to your family and have some happy moments. 

  • Your communication abilities would also be very effective and it appears to be a good time to ask for choiced favours from your seniors. 

  • There can be chances for making valuable contributions to your personal investment portfolio.  Know more about Taurus


Mercury would transit to the 4th house and it is likely to deliver good results. It would be a wonderful time for those involved in educational pursuits. Work would also be very rewarding in nature and you can expect all round support. There would be an opportunity to have a positive dialogue on your ongoing family disputes/legal matters/property disputes. 

  • Try to spend some valuable moments with your Mother, especially at home. 

  • There can be some fresh skillset learning coming your way, embrace it. 

  • Buying a new vehicle also looks like a possibility. 

  • Try to approach your pendancies with logic and there would be desirable performance.  Know more about Gemini


Mercury would transit to the 3rd house and it is likely to deliver good results. Business and work related travel would be very rewarding. There can be some valuable additions in your social network so you should be part of all the avenues to meet new people. 

  • Your negotiation skills in speech and in writing would be enhanced so cover maximum work during this time. 

  • Some sort of pilgrimage also appears to be on the cards and it is likely to be a very soothing experience. 

  • Your maternal relations can turn some good degree of happiness for you so stay in touch with them.

  •  Your efforts are likely to yield commensurating results at work. Know more about Cancer 


Mercury would transit to the 2nd house and it is likely to deliver good results. Your speech and choice of words would decide your success factor so you should synthesise your speech before you speak anything. Avoid all kinds of harsh words and do not enter into a state of conflict with anyone. 

  • Your income as well as personal savings would rise. In case you are involved in business then your outstanding payments would be realized. 

  • New projects/responsibilities can come your way and you should honour them by way of acceptance. 

  • Such responsibilities are likely to yield desired results for a long time. 

  • Spend some valuable time with your spouse and children. Know more about Leo


Mercury would transit to Lagna/First House and it is likely to deliver good results. Your power of intuition would be enhanced and there would be a set of events in your sight before they actually happen. Piece of advice is that you should take the event in your favour but avoid manipulating it. 

  • You would experience utmost mental control and things would get into an even order. 

  • Give preference to your work first followed by other things. 

  • You would be at peace with yourself but yet very competitive. 

  • It can be a time to separate the Men from the Boys and prove mettle to your competitors. Know more about Virgo 


Mercury would transit to the 12th house and it is likely to deliver good results. You can maintain a charitable disposition and wish to help others. You should get into this as there would be some wonderful results due to you in the near future. Foreign land connection at work would be very desirable and it can create wonderful growth opportunities for you. 

  • Some valuable capital expenditure can happen and it is likely to benefit you for a long time in the future. 

  • It is advisable to involve your elder while deciding for such a monetary transaction. 

  • Getting involved in some charitable/society upliftment project can generate accolades for you. Know more about Libra


Mercury would transit to the 11th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. There can be some immediate short term gains out of your actions but you should not lose sight from the bigger picture. There can be some kind of certification/reward/appreciation coming your way and your overall knowledge/skills would be acknowledged. 

  • Income levels would improve and there can be emergence of some fresh source of income also. 

  • Be choosy in revealing yourself about certain things while dealing with people around you.

  • Stay away from windfall gains yielding sources of income. 

  • There are chances for promotion in case you have been waiting for one. Know more about Scorpio


Mercury would transit to the 10th house and it is likely to deliver good results. It would be a good time for those who are willing to get married. Some very preferred proposals are likely to come your way. Those involved in some emotional/love connection are likely to experience some wonderful moments with their partners. 

  • Work would be equally rewarding and there would be little obstacles coming your way.

  • This is certainly going to be one of the better times that you have experienced so far during the year.

  • Level and flow of income would be preferable. 

  • It can also be a good time to venture into a new line of business. Know more about Sagittarius


Mercury would transit to the 9th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Good luck factor would prevail in almost everything you do. Your mental faculties would be very sharp and you would be able to generate results. Your enemies would try to harm you but in vain. It is advisable to watch your back but at the same point of time do not waste this good time on all this. 

  • Long distance journeys appear to be on the cards. 

  • Being spiritual would be a complete bliss and you’ll feel a bright connection with the Almighty. 

  • It can be a good time to get involved in meditation and like activities. 

  • You may get an opportunity to pay off a big chunk of your existing loans.  Know more about Capricorn


Mercury would transit to the 8th house and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Your interest in the unknown/occult would rise drastically. Research/probationary/exploratory activities would deliver very good results. 

  • Some skin related disorders can cause trouble so keep a check. 

  • Keep a morally sound behaviour otherwise your image can get tainted. 

  • Avoid people and situations that damage your reputation. 

  • Keep a close watch on your children as they may demand your attention. 

  • It can be a good time to focus your mind on the Almighty and practise yoga, meditation, hatha yoga etc. 

  • Work is likely to be moderately good and try to delay important decisions. Know more about Aquarius


Mercury would transit to the 7th house and it is likely to deliver good results. Your set of customers and clientele would act very much in your favour and you should take due advantage of it. You would be acting in a very alert manner and your decision making is likely to be precise. 

  • Your family would be very supportive and you can expect to spend some memorable moments with them. 

  • You can get opportunities to express yourself at work so make full use of it and stay diplomatic while doing it. 

  • It can be a good time to make a switch at work and also there would be no harm trying out something new at work. 

  • You might come across some new unknown skill set in you. Income pattern is likely to be very smooth. Know more about Pisces


Best of Luck


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