Scorpio male Love Relationship with Virgo female

Kundli Matching

This combination is rather akin to a mutual admiration society. The Virgo mind is much fascinated by the mysterious and intriguing ways of the Scorpio male. Of all the twelve signs, Scorpio is the most likely one to curb Virgo`s tendency to sulk. Virgo respects Scorpio`s ability to analyse situations due to which he can successfully mitigate controversial issues before they become actual grounds for an argument. If Virgo can avoid hurting her Scorpio partner`s pride and ego, this combination will be both, happy and enduring. But the only problem here is on the emotional side. Scorpio thrives on emotions, whereas Virgo virtually suppresses them. That is why a relationship based on pure friendship or even some kind of business arrangement, rather than actual marriage, seems to be their best bet. But if Virgo opens up a little emotionally and shows Scorpio that she cares, even marital relations could work well here.

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