Scorpio male Love Relationship with Sagittarius female

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This water-fire combination does not look promising in the least. Scorpio, especially the male, is dominating by nature, but as far as Sagittarius is concerned, he will have trouble keeping his partner under control. This freedom-loving sign will surely bring out the worst in the Scorpio nature. Mutual distrust is possible here. So also are suspicion and jealousy. To top it all, Scorpio`s insecurity and possessiveness will make life unbearable for poor Sagittarius, for these are emotions she just does not understand. It is true that from the sexual standpoint, the intensity and passion of Scorpio are fodder to the Sagittarian appetite but that`s about where the compatibility ends. Not a recommended combination. ``Live and learn `` is about the best thing to expect here. They can bring out each other`s better qualities at times but the chance of anything long-lasting seems extremely remote.

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