Scorpio male Love Relationship with Scorpio female

Kundli Matching

This is a confusing combination if ever there was one. If both individuals have a thorough understanding of their own inherent traits, they can develop deep sympathy for each other. The dominant, possessive and jealous temperaments of both partners will have to be handled with extreme care and consideration. Both are intense in their love life, and can get just what they are looking for from the other. But whenever one of them starts picking on the other`s tender spots, or does something to upset the apple cart, especially due to a spurt of jealousy, storm clouds shall begin to gather. So it is clear that this can be a very good or a very bad combination, depending on how you tackle your equally passionate partner. It works well with common goals and objectives. But when the fire is lit, you would do well by keeping an eye on it or it may get out of control.

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