Scorpio male Love Relationship with Leo female

Kundli Matching

Two bright and outstanding personalities come together with this Scorpio-Leo duo. They have a lot in common and the relationship is usually a success, especially when Scorpio is the male partner and Leo the female, as is the case here. This is because, if the situation were reversed, the Scorpio female would be much too demanding for the Leo male, and the marriage would naturally not be that much of a success. Jealousy plays a major role in family quarrels. But if this could be avoided, this should make for one of the most compatible combinations. Chances of a long and happy partnership, of course, are far better when a Leo female marries a Scorpio male for reasons mentioned above. Two very strong-willed individuals generally create some rather stormy moments. Without some mutual give-and-take, therefore, these two could face a rough and rocky road ahead.

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