Scorpio male Love Relationship with Gemini female

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Here at last, Scorpio has found a mate in Gemini, who can surpass his own urge for action. But although Gemini is more than a match for Scorpio from a mental standpoint, the former is too modest, from a purely physical and sexual viewpoint, to meet passionate Scorpio`s demands. Again, Gemini`s desire for freedom of action may clash with the jealous and possessive nature of the Scorpio male. Scorpio will be unwilling to let his wife go gallivanting around town, thereby neglecting her own home and family. While some Gemini-Scorpio combinations have been known to work out fairly well, the pure Gemini-Scorpio alliance packs as much power into the relationship as a nuclear bomb. An explosive situation, one might say! A water sign (Scorpio) combines with an air sign (Gemini) here, and both are bound to face some major difficulty in trying to rectify the innate flaws in their own natures. But maybe love conquers all just as too much stifles the unwary!

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