Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter Mahadasha

The Jupiter Mahadasha (Guru Mahadasha) runs for a long 16 year and provides good luck and wisdom in your life. There are high chances that during this Mahadasha you will experience a very easy going and smooth life with the least amount of obstacles. Property and wealth accumulation is one of the benefits, during the correct placement of Jupiter in your life; otherwise, all benefits can flip to make you feel miserable.

There are great chances of getting involved in spiritual and religious things. Whatever you get or do during the Jupiter Mahadasha in Kundli, extravagance is guaranteed. You can get indulged in activities leading to high learning or see a linear career growth. It is said that whatever hard work you have done, all the fruits will be attained in this Mahadasha.

You will become financially strong; have a good social status, get good development in terms of knowledge and spiritual aspects. There are high chances of achieving excellence in studies, business, or career. Various kinds of auspicious things will happen in your life during the Mahadasha of this auspicious planet.

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Positive Jupiter Mahadasha Effects

Jupiter Mahadasha's effects or any other Mahadasha for this matter bore both positive and negative effects in your life. During every Mahadasha there will be both kinds of phases that you will inspect. No Mahadasha is completely positive or negative. The positive effects of guru Mahadasha can bring golden moments in your life. There will be endless bliss from the family side, you will be extremely happy in your marital life. You will be highly successful in whatever you choose to do. Extremely suitable career options that give the best results are banking, finance, politics, or counseling.

There will be a sharp increase in your wisdom and decision making skills. You will be least dependent on anyone for taking any turns or difficult decisions in your life. Your judgments will become less and less atrocious and incorrect. You will feel a warm spark in terms of relationships or any communal work inside you. Jupiter Mahadasha can make you dream for greater heights and further work towards it, happily.

You will become very straight forward in your speech and work. There will be a sudden peace in your life. Forgiveness will come naturally to you and adapting everything around will become easier. A prosperous life is in store for you with the right placement of Jupiter. Jupiter Mahadasha helps you to see the right things and move in the right direction. It makes you sincere and honest in your life. Your thoughts will become purer and your perception towards spirituality and religion will drastically improve. 


Negative Jupiter Mahadasha Effects

All the opposite effects will come in your life if Jupiter is aligned with a malefic planet in the Jupiter Mahadasha. There are chances that you will lose all your wealth due to various circumstances and face defamation. You will lose your social status and become subjected to mockery. All the spiritual light will vanish from your being and you will start doubting and questioning its worth.

There will be no prosperity left in your life during the negative phase of guru Mahadasha. You will see misfortunes in every alley you visit during this period. You can become poor, losing all your riches and will have no support from near ones. There are high chances of quarrels in your married life and vast distance with your children. No financial stability and respect from society; are common determinants during this Mahadasha.

Rash decisions are common and this can lead to more horrific results in your life. Over enthusiasm can make you lose all good that was coming. So there would be a need to opt for a controlled behavior. Clearing your past issues is highly recommended if Jupiter Mahadasha is showing a bad impact on your life. 


Jupiter Mahadasha with Other Planets

Jupiter Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha can help you to achieve a lot of names. You will be involved in social and virtuous activities. You can experience a sharp increase in your career or knowledge. This dasha brings the most positive traits of a person in light, giving the best results during this time.

Jupiter Mahadasha is very beneficial for Aries, Cancer, Pisces, and Sagittarius ascendants and highly malefic for Capricorn, Libra, and Virgo ascendants. However, this is a very wide picture and things depend on various other things too.


The Antardasha of All Planets in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

Even though particular charts have to be analyzed before predictions,  you can find here general predictions based on the effects of the Antardasha of all planets when Jupiter is in Mahadasha. So, let us understand what the result of the Antardasha of the nine planets in the Mahadasha of Jupiter can bring for a native, which will give you insights.

The Effect of Jupiter (Guru) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

During this Dasha, spiritual discovery and worship offer a lot of wealth, vehicles and material comforts. If done with conviction, a person can gain a lot of name and fame in the society and get the blessings of Jupiter. This period is auspicious in the context of practicing spirituality. There are a lot of religious tours and pious works done. Children also lead happy lives. The natives acquire a lot of knowledge and intelligence and get a better position in their careers. If afflicted, this Dasha can also cause separation from the spouse. Problems are also possible with children. Health may be of concern, especially those related to the liver. Enmity can also lead to money loss and slander.

The Effect of Saturn (Shani) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

Saturn being in Antardasha, in Jupiter Mahadasha, gives an advantage in matters of debt and property. In this period, people get a lot of wealth and benefits. This period promotes one's business status. According to the astrologer, the person tries a lot to achieve success. This Dasha is a favorable period to succeed in the fields of law, justice and management. The more hard work you do in this period, the better your chances of success. If there is grief, the natives can face trouble in work and life. Some health complications may also arise in this period due to adverse effects. Saturn in Jupiter Mahadasha can cause money loss in the event of infamy and misfortune in the society.

The Effect of Mercury (Budha) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

According to astrology, both Mercury and Jupiter are factors of knowledge and intelligence. Hence during this period, the native acquires good knowledge and the power to learn. Their intellectual ability improves a lot. The natives earn a lot of name and fame by their intelligence. The boss also recognizes your worth during this time. This is also a good period for education and results are often positive during this state. According to the astrologer, the native also achieves success in business endeavors and earns a lot of respect in society. During this Dasha, the native will maintain peace and good relations at home. If there is suffering, the native will struggle to achieve the desired results with his hard work and efforts. Skin problems are also likely to occur at this time. Besides, memory issues and mental instability may also persist.

The Effect of Ketu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

This Dasha increases the interest of the natives towards spiritual inclination and religious visits. However, during this period, Ketu causes a lot of problems and confusion in career matters. According to astrology, the possibility of imprisonment also exists. The native may suffer from health issues and a lot of mental problems. During this time, some unnecessary trips may also occur. You can also see a kind of distance in relationships. Expenditure also increases.

The Effect of Venus (Shukra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

This Dasha brings many positive results, provided you make enough effort. This period strengthens your faith in God and your spiritual guide. According to the astrologer, Venus also gives many physical comforts. Your interest in music and singing also increases. You have a lot of affection and love in your married life. Both Venus and Jupiter are beneficial and signify wealth and fortune. This period thus brings prosperity and financial stability for the native. You enjoy physical comforts like luxury clothes and vehicles. Your knowledge also increases due to positive effects.

The Effect of the Sun (Surya) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

This Dasha has a positive effect on your financial condition. The situation rises and overall wealth also increases. The influence of these two planets brings a lot of name and fame to the native. Both these planets are supreme and powerful, so success is possible in professional endeavors, and opportunities for promotion also exist. The natives improve their growth in education and knowledge. Happiness prevails in family and relationships. If there is a malefic presence, the natives may suffer from body aches, fever, neurological disorders, headaches and lack of peace of mind.

The Effect of the Moon (Chandra) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

During this Dasha, the native gets comfort from partners and children. The effect of the relationship between the Moon and Jupiter increases the chances of income. This period also brings progress on the career front.  It develops an interest in local dairy products. The native gets a lot of support from the society and enjoys material comforts, luxuries and pleasures of life. It is a beautiful phase of life for the natives. Relationships with the spouse and children also remain cordial. The person also undertakes spiritual journeys. If under malefic influence, this Dasha can cause distance in relationships. Loss of money and health problems are also possible.

The Effect of Mars (Mangal) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

In this Dasha, the person's knowledge and learning ability increase. The natives make a profit from land sources. There is also great happiness in family affairs and married life. Relationships with siblings also improve. The native tends to dominate slightly in nature, although some controversy and debate with others are possible. However, it is a time of enjoying respect and fame in the society. If under malefic influence, this period causes eye-related issues and fever. Lack of mental peace also bothers the native. Problems may also arise concerning property matters. In addition, the loss of money is also possible.

The Effect of Rahu Antardasha in the Mahadasha of Jupiter

This Dasha brings a lot of confusion and problems in life. The natives become egoistic and overbearing. They also indulge in unnecessary arguments and quarrels. Due to this, family relationships also deteriorate. During this period, the person observes a career decline. The rise in expenses will bring financial problems. This period also indicates an increased fear of medication and related infections. The person may also suffer from physical discomfort, headache and liver-related problems. To live a more peaceful life during this time, one should visit religious places and take a dip in the holy water. Practicing meditation also helps in this regard.

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