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Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2017

Sign Rooster, know the impact of Chinese Horoscope 2017 in your love, career, health and wealth aspects

2017 turns out to be the Zodiac year of birth (Ben Ming Nian), for people born in the year of the Rooster. This is normally not very good for that particular sign but this year the roosters are still better off than some other signs. Because of Ben Ming Nian, roosters could go through quite a few ups and downs this year in terms of career, money, relationships or health. Since roosters are simple natured, sociable, active and resourceful, they may still manage to salvage something from this year.



Thanks to their nature of being resourceful, roosters won’t suffer too much career downfall this year. If things start going astray, they’ll know how to bring it back on track. Entrepreneurs may suffer a little due to funds shortage but there will be people willing to help them stand on their feet again. Roosters just need to be committed and focused this year to get over any bad times and they will manage to achieve their goals.



The year could be tough for the roosters where finance is concerned. They may not be able to earn what they aimed for and that could be disappointing, but they will have good people to help them and bail them out of tricky spots. They need to invest the money properly so that they are not in a tight position and for that they need to wisely tap different sources for finance. They can depend on their lucky colors or charms this year to help them not commit some major blunder.



Thanks to Ben Ming Nian, Roosters will be grumpy in 2017 and will go through mood swings. They will not be very lucky in love as they will be unpleasant company for the opposite sex because of pressure of work on their mind. Since they will be stressed at work, they will not be devoted partners. There could be unpleasantness for married people too. Those who are not married should not think of tying the knot this year since there could be lots of conflict with the partner this year.



Health can be a little worrying for roosters this year. They need to concentrate on eating a healthy diet or they could end up suffering from some ailment or the other. Regular exercise will help them control any upcoming body problems. Even on the road, they should watch out for traffic and be careful while driving to avoid unnecessary accidents. If travelling far from home, they need to be careful and alert.

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