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Chinese Horoscope 2017

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2017

Rats will do well in their careers this year according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar because of their pleasant and amiable nature. They work well with their colleagues and have excellent work place ethics. But inspite of a good career graph they will not make much fortune this year and so should be careful while investing their money. Love life looks good as they could meet some interesting person at their place of work itself. Health needs looking into. They could be stressed both mentally and physically.



Career looks great for female rats as they are very efficient at their work place and have good execution capabilities. If they face any problem they can sort it out comfortably with the help of their friends and other colleagues. But male rats may face certain problems at work and may not strike it lucky this year. They could get easily distracted from work because of family problems or other issues. To stay committed, they need to keep themselves on the right side of their colleagues and take their help to get out of problems. But if the male rats have a female rat as a senior, things may be easy for them.



Rats’ fortune may not be the best this year but they will not be reduced to a hand to mouth situation. They will not suffer any serious financial loss but need to be careful while investing their money. They should not put their money in high risk investments like stocks and shares. Fortunately, rats have a stable head over their shoulders where accumulation of wealth is concerned and so their money should be safe. They should, though, reduce their expenditure and avoid borrowing money from people.



Love looks good for male rats this year and they may meet someone interesting at their work place. She could be older and more senior and better placed than the rat and they may get into a comfortable relationship. On the other hand, in case of female rats, it is not advisable for them to get into any relationship this year as they could reach their peak of career if they concentrate on their work. Although female rats too, could meet interesting people this year and have love affairs.

Those married, need to be careful about getting interested in someone else as that could destroy their family life.



Health doesn’t look too good this year for the rats. They really need to be careful with it and keep getting tests done to find out if there’s any hidden problem. They could suffer not only a physical ailment but also mental trauma due to too much stress at work. They need to learn to unwind and de-stress. They should be careful about accidents as they may lose a lot of blood this year. If any disease surfaces, they should start proper treatment without any delay.