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Chinese Horoscope 2017

Pig Chinese Horoscope 2017

Pigs may not do so well this Rooster year. They had a bad last year, the stars of which follow into this year too. Those having their own businesses need to adopt new strategies according to market demands. Those who are making many business related trips may fare well in their business and accumulation of wealth. They may not have the best relationships this year and so may get lonely. They need to stay in touch with people and be temperamentally more approachable to avoid being left alone. Health could also be of concern of self and family members.



According to Chinese Zodiac predictions, Pigs could have a nice career this year if they improve their attitude towards work. They should avoid conflicts with their colleagues at work or they could be left to fend for themselves and will get no help from others. Those who run their business need to change some strategies of business to make it work better. Those who need to travel a lot for their business will get good opportunities to make their business better.



Pigs will not be able to make much money this year because of difficulty in their careers and businesses. In fact, they need to be careful how to invest their money carefully as they may suffer unnecessary losses otherwise. They will not go bankrupt, but investment in wrong places could become troublesome. So safest for them would be to just keep their money in savings. Unforeseen expenditure because of health issues of self or family members could drain their finances.



Love and relationships would not work very well for the pigs this year mainly because of their own self obsession. They need to be more friendly and not shut off people from their lives or they risk the chance of becoming loners. There will always be some people to help them in their time of need but the nature of pigs may keep them at bay too. Those married, need to put in some effort to maintain healthy relationship in their marriage. Those who are yet single should concentrate on their careers this year. You may meet a lot of friends but may not find any suitable as a soul mate.



Your health is not going to be the very best specially in the first half of the year as you are still recovering from the ill effects of last year’s bad health. Since your immunity is still low, you could be prone to a number of illnesses. Eat proper diet and exercise well and you will recover faster. Your health will be better in the second half of the year but you need to be careful of traffic on the road. Elders in the family may need attention too due to their health.