The Sun Transit In Virgo on 17 September 2021

Fri, Sep 17, 2021
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Fri, Sep 17, 2021
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  By Astro Deepa
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The Sun Transit In Virgo on 17 September 2021

The king of the solar system, the Sun, which denotes government authority and power, will transit into Virgo on 17th September 2021 and will continue to stay in this sign until 17th October 2021. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, and it is neutral for the Sun. So, the Sun's transit in Virgo will give mixed results for the natives. 

The Sun is transiting from fiery sign to earthy sign, but it is making conjunction with Mars, so this time Sun will have lots of fiery energy, and it will provide aggression and authority to the natives. Sun is moving from the 6th House of the KalPurush kundli, it is related to disease, loans, enemies, so it may have connections with the disease-related to Pitta. People would like to compete with others, high ego can create unnecessary clashes among people, and people could get angry easily. Let us analyze the transit impact of the Sun in the different zodiac signs.

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The sun transit in Virgo will position the planet in the 6th House. This House signifies debt, disease, daily routine, enemies, service, duty, and responsibilities. This is a perfect time for working professionals as they will do anything to defeat their enemies and be ahead of them in every aspect. People in business can get new deals and could sign new contracts as well. People in business could also get loans easily. 

  • You will follow a set routine to achieve success in your career. 

  • Higher authorities will be impressed with your work, and it will lead to the path of promotion. 

  • Student's hard work will pay off as they will have a good chance to clear competitive exams. 

  • Love birds may face heartbreak due to ego issues. 

  • Married couples will enjoy a romantic life. 

  • From the point of view of health, this is not a very positive transit, as people may suffer from stomach and eyes related diseases, so make sure to take care of your health currently.



The Sun will be positioned in the 5th House of the Taurus, the House of education, intellect, sports, mantra, progeny, fun, hobbies, creativity, romance, and gambling. Students' confidence and intellectual ability will help them to achieve success in higher studies. 

  • Parents may feel proud of the success of their kids. 

  • Professionally it is a challenging time; people who are looking for jobs will have to go through a training process. 

  • Group leaders can implement their plan strategically, and their innovative ideas can help them to gain prosperity. 

  • Businessmen's calculative and judgmental qualities will help them to achieve success. 

  • Risky investments like the share market may give good returns. 

  • For a love relationship, you need to take precautions, avoid hot arguments, and carefully choose your words.



Gemini natives will see planet Sun in their 4th House, which is the House of mother, personal life, primary education, vehicles, general happiness, land, property, parental influence, etc. It is a challenging time for Gemini ascendant people. They may have to change their House. Family disputes can create stress, anxiety, and low self-confidence could be the reason for suffering. 

  • For people who want to buy property, this will be a good time to invest. 

  • Take very good care of your parents; it may be a difficult time for them. 

  • A short journey could help you in keeping your career on track. 

  • Love birds may enjoy romantic life. 

  • Communication ability will help you to resolve disputes. 

  • Try to keep yourself cool and calm otherwise;, it may lead to high blood pressure. Meditation and physical exercise will help you to overcome this negative situation. 

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The Sun transiting in Virgo will position itself in the 3rd House. It is the House of younger co-born, bravery, courage, fearlessness, neighbours, communication abilities, short distance journey, etc. Your courage and valour will help to strengthen your accumulated wealth. People who belong to this sign with their communication skill and convincing power will create a new connection. There is a high chance of capturing more than one opportunity, which will pave the path towards gain in the future. 

  • Your luck will favour you. With the support of family, you can clear all the challenges of life. 

  • Students seeking abroad study opportunities can get in this period. 

  • A short journey with the family is possible. 

  • Married people may not be satisfied with the partner's behaviour, but it is better to avoid clashes.



The sun transit will occur through the 2nd House of the Leo natives, the House of self-acquired wealth, possessions, speech, family, and values. Your leadership skill and authoritative speech will help you to grow professionally. You may get a promotion or salary hike. If you face disappointment from others, try to avoid harsh words while dealing with them instead; try to motivate them to do better in the future. 

  • You will focus on accumulating wealth and will invest money in long-term investment. 

  • Anger and ego can ruin your relationship, so be careful and avoid unnecessary discussion. 

  • Odd situations may provide you with opportunities to prove your skills. 

  • Take care of your health, as you may face body aches. 

  • Students will need to concentrate on their studies rather than goofing around to get the desired results. 



The Sun will transit in your ascendant House, which is the House of your nature, health, and character. Virgos will deal with confidentiality and the intellectual side. They will gear up to stand for righteousness and will take some bold steps irrespective of any circumstances. 

  • Your quick, bold, and strong decision will give you success in your professional life. 

  • You would like to invest money to make yourself attractive and impressive. 

  • You will make secretive plans to improve your career. 

  • Your combative, impetuous, and pioneering behaviour will charm others. 

  • You may be involved in office politics and will get fame. 

  • Your social involvement can create trouble on the personal front. 

  • Your family life may be ignored due to that, so try to balance out your personal and social life. 

  • Keep a check on your expenses; otherwise, you may face a shortage of money in the future. 

  • Avoid travelling, as it may not give you the desired result.



The Sun transit in Virgo takes place in the 12th House of the Liberians, which is the House of expenses, inward changes, spiritual growth, isolation, foreign connection, loss, and theft. People working in foreign countries or doing jobs in multinational companies will benefit from this transit. 

  • Export and import-related work will give you good returns. 

  • People in business will invest money to expand their business. 

  • Expenses will be high during this period; your false pride and social status may lead you to a difficult situation. 

  • Unnecessary expenses to show off is possible. 

  • For the love relationship, try to avoid hot discussions with your partners, leading to arguments. 

  • This is the period where you are to be careful about your deeds. You may have to pay back for the bad karma. 

  • Try to be close to nature as it will help you to keep off any negative thoughts. 



The Sun transit will take place into the 11th House. This is the house of gains, wishes, friendship, elder co-born, social connection, aspirations, hopes etc. This is an extremely favourable transit for the Scorpions. Their dreams will come true in this period. The social connection will flourish, which will help them to get profit in career life. 

  • They will attain success on a big level. 

  • Their wisdom will give them fame and a good reputation during this time. 

  • Your continuous efforts and hard work will provide you with power and status. Leaders can get more gains if they work well with their juniors. 

  • You may have more than one earning source. 

  • Earning will increase, but expenses will also be high. 

  • It will be a good time to invest money in gems and jewellery. 

  • For married couples, it is a very good time; communication ability will help them sort all issues and strengthen relationships.



Sagittarius natives will see that planet Sun will transit into their 10th House, which is the House of the profession, permanency in service and authority. In this position, the Sun is getting directional strength, so it is a compelling situation. 

Sagittarius will get professional success in this period. 

  • You will set goals and work dedicatedly to achieve them. 

  • Your luck will fully support you in all the decisions you make. 

  • Your quick, bold, and courageous decision will help you expand your business in new areas and industries. 

  • You will be making a lot of investments in your business. 

  • Control your expenses and, if possible, avoid taking a loan in this period. 

  • People who are interested in politics will also get a chance to make a career in this field. 

  • .Working professionals will have a good chance to get a promotion. 

  • Freshers can crack new job opportunities. 

  • For students, it is a very good time to focus on higher education.

  • In your personal life, you will get the full support of your partner.



Capricorn natives will host the transit of the Sun through their 9th House, which is the House of dharma, luck, father, foreign travel, etc. During this period, Capricorn people need to be very careful. Your luck may not support you, so avoid making risky investments. 

  • You may face challenges on the career front and would like to change your job, but avoid changes; it is not the right time.

  •  Your enemies will try to create hurdles in your life but try to pass this time calmly and make calculative moves to avoid or solve your problems. 

  • You may involve yourself in social welfare activities, and it will provide you satisfaction as well. 

  • Avoid discussing your professional secrets with others; you may feel cheated as others can take advantage of that. 

  • Health issues can hamper your growth. 

  • You need to follow a practical approach to maintain personal relationships. It is a beneficial time for higher learning.



The Sun is transiting in the 8th House, which is the House of longevity, House of transformation, spirituality, inheritance, debts, thefts, and robberies. It is a good time for spiritual learning. Some people could get inheritance money. If you are seeking any change in your career, this is the best time. Working professionals have to face lots of challenges; Excessive risk can backfire, so avoid it. 

  • This is the time of transformation.

  • You can easily understand the core of the subject, so it will be a very good time for the research students to come up with new findings. 

  • You may face unnecessary expenses, and to fulfil that, you will try to take a loan from your relatives, so please make sure to spend during this time moderately. 

  • You will be in constant fear due to unnecessary things around you. 

  • Your spouse's health can create a problem for you. 

  • Your relationship with them will deteriorate. 

  • Some people may get inclined towards extramarital relationships, which may cause major problems. 

  • This is a good time for people who are looking for a love marriage. 



The Sun is transiting in the 7th House, the House of partnership, marriage, business, etc. Professionally it is a good time. You may get a promotion on the authoritative post. In partnership, a business partner's authoritative behaviour can create a problem. You should also be more careful while dealing with clients. There is a chance for your business to expand, which will give you financial gain. 

  • Married couples also need to be very careful during this period. 

  • A partner's dominating behaviour can hurt you. 

  • There is a chance of people misinterpreting your words and feelings which you express. 

  • It is better to clarify things rather than living in false assumptions and ego. 

  • It will help if you put lots of effort into maintaining a fruitful and peaceful relationship during this period. 

  • Students may have continuously distracting thoughts, so they need to focus on getting the desired result. 

  • Your opposition will try to sidetrack you, so better to pass this time calmly.



Sun Transit in Leo 

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