Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Zodiac signs

Mon, Aug 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Zodiac signs

The sun is a significant planet in Vedic astrology. It is considered a soul, and it is the karka for Authority, Government, Self-confidence, Immunity, Fame, etc. So, its transit is critical. Sun is transiting from a watery sign to Leo on 17 Aug 2021. Sun will be in full strength during this period. So, this transit is very good for the authoritative and management people. Leaders can use their power for the welfare of society. If the sun is well placed, it can give you fame. The effect of the transit will depend upon the sun’s placement in one's natal chart and the Dasha of the person. Hence, the transit result may vary from person to person. Get expert guidance on various aspects of life by the best Astrologer Deepa.


Sun transit and its impact on different Zodiac Signs.


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Aries Sign 

The sun will transit to Aries natives' 5th house and will likely deliver mixed results. On the professional front, you may face lots of hurdles, but with the help of your self-confidence and courage, you will be able to convert those hurdles into golden opportunities. During this phase, your creativity will touch new heights. With all the creative juices flowing, you will be able to come up with new plans and execute it efficiently. This will give you popularity, prosperity, and profits. Students will need to work hard to uplift academic and intellectual excellence. The time is not favorable for personal and love relationships; you will have anger and ego issues affecting your love life. Try and ignore or avoid reacting to pity stuff. You will need to stay calm; otherwise, it may affect your personal life. Know more about Aries


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Taurus Sign 

For Taurus natives, the sun will transit to your 4th house on the 17th of August. In this period, you are likely to likelihood to acquire property in partnership. Still, please be careful while spending the money and make sure you have read terms and conditions thoroughly before investing money. Wealth-related family conflicts can disturb your mental peace. Your mother may get any authoritative post that gives her prestige and prominence. Due to unnecessary ego clashes, your relationship with your partner may see a few ups and downs. Please keep a calm head while having conversations with them. It is a good time for the leaders; they will get popularity through their work. Your intellectual abilities will be appreciated and guide you in education and the workplace. Know more about Taurus


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Gemini Sign 

Dear Gemini natives, this 17th of August, the sun will be transiting to your 3rd house. The transit usher in enthusiasm and energy to your work life. Your focus and determination in your workspace will bring you prestige and accolades. You will be able to take high-risk decisions in your professional life, and that, in turn, will bring you success. This period is financially sound and shows growth potential. This will boost your communication skills. People in the field of marketing/social media will gain new opportunities. Now is the time to lend an ear to your subconscious as it will guide you to the right path. In this period, expect a positive transformation in your professional life. A short journey can provide you with a new professional opportunity. If you are waiting for government approval for a passport/visa or any other work, you may have an excellent chance to get it. Know more about Gemini


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Cancer Sign 

The sun is transiting to Cancer natives' 2nd house on the 17th. In this period, security and accumulating possessions will be your primary focus. This is financially a good time for you with growth potential. You will focus on investments. People searching for new jobs will get authoritative posts, leadership skills provide prestige and prominence. People connected with family businesses can earn special recognition. Your family's social status will elevate, and you can expect fame. You will spend money to exhibit and feel good. Make sure you are mindful while speaking; your false pride may destroy your image and relationship. Drive carefully. Your high energy can create a dispute with your children, don’t force them to follow your instruction. Children’s professional success will provide a pride movement for you. Know more about Cancer 


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Leo Sign 

On the 17th of August, the sun will transit to your Lagana. Dear Leos, expect some positive changes in your life due to this transit. Your leadership skills will shine. Your dedication and energy in the workspace will elevate your status and improve your finances. You will be able to impress everyone at work with your skills and decision-making ability. Your high energy and good health can help you to finish your work ahead of time. Work pressure will be there, but you would like to help others without focusing on what others will think. Your generous behavior will provide you with popularity in your workplace. Investment in the property is indicated, and it can turn out to be fruitful in the future. It is an excellent time to kickstart a love relationship. Ego clashes in the family are predicted, so please think before you speak. Harsh words might cause the distance between you and your loved ones to increase. With luck by your side, you will be able to gain all the materialistic things. Know more about Leo


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Virgo Sign 

For Virgo natives, the sun will transit in your 12th house. Virgos working with MNCs or are related to import/export businesses will enjoy a good phase. The Work-relationship will improve. You will work hard to prove your worth, and there is a possibility that you may face unexpected challenges. If you are a student and are in the research field, you are likely to excel. Try to avoid unforeseen circumstances and take good care of your health. You must maintain good hygiene and have a balanced diet. This transit may increase your expenses, so make sure to create a proper budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. Investments during this time can save your expenses. Legal issues are predicted for you, so follow the rules and regulations. It is the time of professional transformation; Job change is possible. Know more about Virgo


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Libra Sign 

Dear Libra, on the 17th of August, the sun will transit to your 11th house, the house of gain. There is a good possibility of getting a promotion that will provide financial gains and increase social status. Desires will come true in this period. Promotion may increase your responsibility. At work, there will be pressure, but don’t ignore your health. This is a good time for you to make investments that can provide you regular income source. People in business can get an opportunity to close a big deal. Your partner’s support helps you to perform best in your field. You may get a social award for your excellent work. Take excellent care of your mother; this transit may not be helpful for her health. Unmarried people may get a chance to get married. Know more about Libra


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Scorpio Sign 

The sun will transit to Scorpio Natives' 10th house, the house of profession. Due to this transit, you will take great strides in your professional career. You will be bestowed with new opportunities in authoritative posts. This will provide you financial gains and increase your social status. Your bosses will be impressed with your work and will appreciate your skills and your decision-making abilities. Social relationships strengthen, and people will like your company. Opposition cannot harm you. But you need to take criticism positively; otherwise, your ego will boost, which can create problems in the future. Your chances of succeeding are at an all-time peak, and overcoming the competition is predicted. Intellectual abilities will increase, and students will be able to edge out the competition. You will try to balance your professional as well as personal life. Know more about Scorpio


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Sagittarius Sign

The sun will transit to your 9th house, the house of dharma. Sun transit will enhance the luck for Sagittarians. This transit brings with it a favorable time for your career. People in your workspace will look up to you for guidance, and your social status will elevate. Your strong personality will help you emerge from this period with flying colors. You will achieve your set goals with hard work and strong dedication, which will provide you name and fame. It is a perfect time for consultants, mentors; they can easily influence others. Students planning for foreign studies have a good time to pursue that. Others will work hard in their higher studies and achieve success. Your Intellectual prowess will increase, and you will be keen to gain as much knowledge as you can. You will follow the religious path and will try to increase your good karma through helping others or doing charity; you may plan an adventurous trip in this period. Know more about Sagittarius 


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Capricorn Sign 

Dear Capricorns, the sun will transit to your 8th house on the 17th of August, 2021. It is a challenging time for Capricorns. You will have to work hard to get success in your professional life. Your luck will not support you. There will be mental restlessness, so spiritual practice will help you to keep cool and calm down. You will face challenges in a personal relationship, Dominance of in-laws will increase. This is the time of transformation in your thought process. Research scholars can easily understand the core of the subject and may come up with better findings. You may face government tax-related issues. Pay your taxes on time to avoid any late fees. Avoid arguments with authoritative people. Take very good care of your health and focus on a healthy diet. You are likely to get ancestral property. Avoid unnecessary financial expenses; otherwise, you might have to go through a financial crisis. Know more about Capricorn


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Aquarius Sign  

The sun will be transiting to your 7th house on the 17th. Businessmen can be benefitted from this transit; their business may expand. The high-risk decisions you take will help you get success. This period is financially good for you and shows tremendous growth potential. Your spouse will get new opportunities in authoritative posts and increase social status. But her ego and dominance can create trouble in her personal life. People in service might have to work aggressively to prove their importance in the office. You will try to be more assertive in your workplace, which will lead to an unnecessary argument. You will feel some anxiety or uncertainty in this period. Pieces of Advice from your friends and colleagues will help you to resolve anxiety issues. Singles have a good chance at having a love marriage. Know more about Aquarius 


Impact of Sun Transit in Leo on Pisces Sign 

The sun will be transiting to your 6th house. This transit is indicative of good times for Pisces natives. Your quality and skills will be appreciated in the workspace, and you shall be at the top of the ladder. It will increase their social status in the company as well as in society. Your relationship with your boss will improve, and you will get appreciation from them. Your punctuality and schedule management skills help you to finish your work before the given time. Competitiveness guides you to work hard to achieve the desired result. The opposition will try to create hurdles in your path, but they will not succeed. Your health will not be in its best shape, so please perform yoga exercises to keep your health in check. Focus on physical activity to control your hyper energy; otherwise, you may have hot arguments with others.  Know more about Pisces

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