October Zodiac Sign: The Balanced Libra

Wed, Aug 16, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Aug 16, 2023
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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October Zodiac Sign: The Balanced Libra

Those born in the month of October majorly share the Libra (September 23 – October 22) as their sun sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, this zodiac sign belongs to the element of air. The body parts that are highly affected by this sign are the kidneys, lower back and skin of a person.

The Libra people (astrological sign of october)  are the most peaceful ones as compared to the other zodiacs. Unbiased and tranquil in nature, they always try to maintain balance in their personality traits as well as the relationships they share with other people. They are harbingers of peace and stay away from any violent uproars.

Libras (oct zodiac sign) dislike being alone as they crave for good company. They keenly observe the people around them and try to decipher their thoughts and mentality. They have a unique take on things and do not get easily persuaded when it comes to stating their opinions and choosing their side in an argument.

Qualities of a Libra (Zodiac Sign October)

1. Balanced and Consistent - The Libra people are not fickle-minded at all. They are well aware of what they want to achieve and their goals do not change every day. They find satisfaction by balancing out their desires and their deeds.

2. Peaceful and Quiet - You will never find the Libras (oct birth sign) involved in a serious conflict. They would be the last people to indulge in a petty fight because they hate disputes and clashes.

3. Insecure and Diffident - Libras are the most timorous people on earth who do not have any self-confidence in themselves. They feel afraid of expressing their true personalities in front of others due to the fear of rejection.

4. Impartial and Righteous - Those born under the October zodiac sign (october birth sign)  are said to be fair people who appreciate justice as a word of honour. They consider virtues as the best aspect of a human soul and do not forgive someone who crosses the line of ethics.

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Vocation and Finances of Libra (October Birth Sign)

It is very important for a Libra (october astrological sign) to maintain a work-life balance and therefore, they plan their schedule in advance in order to ensure that they take out time for their family while remaining committed towards their work as well. If they are unable to balance out these things they will feel chained and it will suffocate them.

Their obsession with truth and justice makes them ideal for professions related to the field of law, administration and diplomacy.

Due to their artistic streak, they may also take up the job of a music composer as well. They are gifted speakers who have the ability to convince people to act according to their opinion, but their moral uprightness never lets them deceive people for their own benefit.

Libras always try to maintain a balance between their savings and their spendings. Although they love to buy material things, they are never able to decide what they should buy and often end up buying nothing at all. They desire to get designer clothes and remain updated on the latest fashion but are unable to spend too much on themselves.

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Love life and Relations of Libra (Sun Sign in October)

To find the right partner is the ultimate goal of a Libra (sun sign in october) person. They will make every possible effort to get the one who would be able to match their intellectual as well as spiritual levels. Those who belong to the October zodiac sign love to communicate their ideas and indulge in debates and discussions. Since they have a lot to say, they must look for a partner who is patient enough to listen to all their conceptual talks.

Libras (oct zodiac sign) try their best to maintain harmony and tranquility in their relationships. They look for a well-organized, sincere and deep relationship that would go beyond eternity.

The social nature of the Libras help them gain a lot of friends who remain extremely loyal to them. They tend to choose friends who are inferior to them in terms of intellectuality so that they may enjoy the status of being the intelligent one.Their friends look up to them in stressed times because the tactful approach of a Libra often shows them the other side of the coin and convinces them that there is no end for hope.

They are highly concerned about their family members and readily agree with the opinion of their parents and siblings because they cannot tolerate family conflicts. They often turn out to be idealistic parents who give a great upbringing to their children. 

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