Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - Strong results of your Karma

Wed, Sep 29, 2021
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Wed, Sep 29, 2021
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  By Astro Deepa
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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - Strong results of your Karma

The planet of communication Mercury will transit back in its sign Virgo on 2nd October 2021, and it will be there up to 2nd November 2021. Movement of Mercury in different signs affects the communication, calculation and intellectual ability of the person. A retrograde planet creates turbulence in life. Retrograde planets become stronger to give quick results as their chestha bal increases in retrograde motion; if it is in its own sign, it will give strong results during this period. Here Mercury will try to finish his incomplete work very fast. This planet's movement will have different effects on a person's life. Let us see how every ascendant will be affected by this transit. For a personalised prediction connect with astrologer Deepa. 📞Call now


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Aries Sign

Mercury will transit through the 6th house, which is the house of competition, enemies, daily routine, and disease. 

  • Your competitiveness will be high, which will provide a greater chance of success in competitive exams. 

  • Some people may get new job opportunities. Avoid discussing past grudges or mistakes, as it will land you in many fights and trouble. This combining your critical review can work as adding fuel to the fire. It won't be easy to follow a set routine. 

  • Your confident and diplomatic conversation will help you land the finishing blow to your enemies. 

  • Take care of your health as there is a high chance of facing skin or nerves-related issues, or the disease which was cured earlier may reoccur. 


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Taurus Sign

Mercury will transit to the 5th house, which is the House of education, creativity, intellect, childbirth, and new creation. Mercury retrogradation will help you resolve problems related to your love life and provide a good chance for reconciliation. 

  • New projects may get delayed. 

  • Your hard work may not satisfy your higher authorities, and due to that, you may have to review the whole project again.

  •  If you are suffering from a disease, you will recover fast. 

  • Your wealth will increase, and you will enjoy the pleasure of life. Relax and enjoy the little things in your life. 

  • Students will be confused and will have difficulty understanding complex topics. 

  • It is advised to write your notes and take advice from teachers and friends while facing this problem. 

  • Avoid taking important life decisions during this time as there is a high chance of them going wrong. Speculation or Risky work could provide sudden gains. 


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Gemini Sign

Mercury will transit to the 4th house, which is the House of mother, comfort, early education, property, vehicle, and mental peace. Retro Mercury can disturb your mental peace. 

  • Misunderstanding in the family will create mental turmoil; it is better to clear all doubts with discussion. 

  • If you plan to buy a new vehicle or new property, you can do that during this period. 

  • Your calculative nature will help you while facing all challenges on the career front.

  •  If you are taking any risk on a financial matter, it is better to re-evaluate the risk and reward ratio before making the final decision. 

  • House-related issues will be your prime concern. Meditation will be helpful to avoid sleepless nights. 

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Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Cancer Sign

Mercury will transit to the 3rd house, the house of younger siblings, communication, and courage. It would help if you would be very careful about your communication, double-check your emails and messages as there is a chance of miscommunication. 

  • Do not try to work in a hurry, have patience when performing an important task to succeed. 

  • Calculate risk and reward before performing risky and courageous tasks. 

  • Career challenges will be accepted boldly, and you can perform unusual tasks successfully. 

  • Take care of your expenses and avoid investing money in risky plans. 

  • A journey is possible. Enemies can create a barrier in your path, but you should focus only on your goals.


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Leo Sign

Mercury will transit in the 2nd house, which is the House of speech, wealth, values, and immediate family. This transit will support you to accumulate wealth. 

  • Your calculative mind can judge situations very well, and accordingly, your effective speech will help you get the work done. 

  • Excessive pressure can spoil your image. 

  • Behave politely with your family. You may have a dispute with them. 

  • Harsh words can create trouble in your love life. 

  • You will get your blocked money; some people may benefit from hereditary wealth. 

  • New money-making ideas will attract you, and you will work hard to implement them. 

  • Family business, finance, and management people will benefit from this transit. Service members could get a salary raise or promotion.

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Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Virgo Sign

Mercury will transit in your Lagan house, which belongs to the house of personality, health, fame, and general prosperity. You will be very confident and bold during this period and will talk directly on burnable issues. Your logical mind provides you success in your career. You can handle difficult situations easily. Perfection in every work can create delay. 

  • Overthinking would be a bigger problem for you. 

  • Your self-centred nature can annoy others, so take care of others as well. 

  • You may face health-related issues during this time.

  •  It is advised to stay healthy by avoiding junk food and regular exercise. 

  • You will try to polish your image in society.

  •  Critical reviews on your personality will encourage you to spend money on self-grooming. 


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Libra Sign

Mercury will transit to your 12th house, which is the house of expenses, isolation, foreign country, nature, research. This transit can be helpful to the people who are working with Multinational companies, Financial Planners, and Exporters. 

  • Expenses will be very high, so plan some investment with the help of a financial consultant and control your unnecessary expenses. 

  • Married couples may face difficulty. 

  • Try to avoid hot arguments and be less reactive to save unnecessary arguments in your relationship. 

  • Postpone your long journey otherwise;, you may face problems in both personal and professional life. 

  • You will spend money on social welfare activities, which will give you inner satisfaction.


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Scorpio Sign

Mercury is transiting to your 11th house, the house of the elder sibling, gain, social connectivity, and fulfilment of desire. It is a very beneficial transit for you. 

  • You may get a sudden promotion or salary raise which you were waiting for. You will get more name, fame, and authority during this period.

  • Students preparing for competitive exams have a solid chance to get success. Your involvement in social gatherings will increase, and others will try to make good connections with you. 

  • Your bold decision-making and communication power will help you get your work done easily and quickly. 

  • You may face discord with your elder sibling, so be careful; your high ego may create disharmony in your relationship. 


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Sagittarius Sign

 Mercury is transiting to your 10th house, the house of profession.Initially, you may face turbulence in your career, but you will face all the challenges strategically after a few days. 

  • Business people will enjoy a good time; their calculative risk will reward them. Social status will increase. 

  • Working professionals may easily convince higher authorities with their diplomatic conversation. 

  • Multitasking ability would provide more than one source of earnings. Paperwork that was pending for a long time may get finished during this duration. 

  • You may sign new contracts in business but read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing any deals. 

  • Married life may be disturbed due to excessive workload.


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Capricorn Sign

Mercury is transiting to your 9th house, The house of luck, father, dharma, long journey, and righteousness. It is a good time for learning; you can expand your knowledge to get a new opportunity. Professional life may face some difficulty, or you may not get the desired result. Experienced people may help you to improve your situation. 

  • Conflict with your father can be resolved through communication. 

  • You will have a deep desire to learn the reason behind every ritual. 

  • You may plan a long journey which you had postponed earlier. 

  • Competitiveness can provide the path to reach the top. Luck will favour you.


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Aquarius Sign

Mercury is transiting to your 8th house, the house of mystics, research, unearned money, and obstacles. It is a challenging time for Aquarians. 

  • Obstacles may block your path, but it is a great time for scientists, research scholars, doctors, etc. 

  • You will be able to get the desired result for which you were struggling earlier. Students may face difficulty focusing on their studies. 

  • You will try to get out blocked money. 

  • Asset reallocation will provide financial gain. 

  • Some people would be benefitted from unearned money. It is a good time for spiritual practices.

  • It will support you to come out from difficult times. Love birds can enjoy a romantic life.


Impact of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2021 on Pisces Sign

Mercury is transiting to your 7th house, the House of partnership and business. It is a challenging period to maintain partnerships. The hot temperament of your spouse may disturb you. Ego and miscommunication can create tension. Try to create transparency in communication and avoid telling lies to your partner. 

  • Postpone engagement or any new business contract in this period. 

  • Don't take any negative decisions in a hurry. 

  • People in business can promote their product with new packaging and be able to generate more clientele.

  • Even your past efforts can give you new deals, which were not successful earlier. 

  • Business can expand, and you may earn name and fame for your company. 


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