Venus Transit in Scorpio-A Good Time To Ignite Spirituality In You

Wed, Sep 29, 2021
Astro Deepa
  By Astro Deepa
Wed, Sep 29, 2021
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  By Astro Deepa
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Venus Transit in Scorpio-A Good Time To Ignite Spirituality In You

Venus is a planet of love, romance, luxury, and lust that will transit in Scorpio Sign on 2nd October 2021. Venus is transiting from his sign Libra to watery sign Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth house of Kalpurush Kundli, which is related to lust, transformation. Here Venus will conjunct with Ketu. Venus planet gives attraction for materialistic pleasure, and Ketu shows a detachment from worldly things, so it shows conflict.

Venus is the Scorpio for the spouse so that one may feel detached from the spouse. You may feel less emotional bonding and love, but it is a good time for deep spirituality. Ketu will give you erratic behaviour for a love life. Venus transit will be very helpful for doctors, cosmetic surgeons, IT professionals, manufacturers of beauty products, jewellery, perfumes, and clothing, etc. Effects of transit depending upon the placement of the planet on the natal chart. Let us analyze the effect of Venus transit on different zodiac signs. Get expert guidance on various aspects of life by the best Astrologer Deepa.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Aries Sign

For Aries ascendant, Venus is transiting through your 8th house. It is a difficult time for married couples. Lack of sensual pleasure can create differences between you and your partner. Love life will be troublesome. Don’t take any harsh decisions. When this transit is over, things will automatically come back on track. 

  • You would like to accumulate wealth, and for that, you will invest money in a long-term plan, but Ketu may limit your profit. So better to wait for some time. 
  • Hidden enemies may create a barrier in your path, don’t indulge in that. 
  • Research students and pharmacists can come up with better findings. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Taurus Sign

Karka for marriage, Venus is transiting to your 7th house. It is a good time for professional success. Your diplomatic nature can help you to manage negative situations easily. 

  • Love life will be blissful. 

  • Marriage-related discussions will make some progress. 

  • Married couples may neglect their partner’s sexual needs. 

  • Your charismatic personality will attract others easily. 

  • Your creative power will give you new heights. 

  • New product development is also possible. 

  • Some people may take business loans during this period. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Gemini Sign

Planet of discretionary power, Venus, is transiting to the 6th house of Gemini ascendant people. Love relations may face challenges during this period. Separation is possible, so don’t take any decision without understanding the after-effects of it. 

  • You will get full support from your co-workers. 

  • Take care of your food habits; wrong food habits can affect your health. 

  • Control your expenses and make a proper budget before spending money; otherwise, excessive expenses may lead you to take a loan to manage your financial situation.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Cancer Sign 

Planet of love and romance Venus is transiting to your 5th house. You will enjoy life very well, a favourable time for Cancerian natives. Your creativity will give you success; people involved in designing related professions like interior design, fashion design, etc., will get special recognition for their artistic work.  

  • Working professionals’ presentations will be impressive. 
  • He can easily implement their plan according to strategy.

  • Love life will be good, and it will be better if you have transparency in communication. Financial gains will be high; servicemen have a good chance to get a hike in salary.  

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Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Leo Sign

Planet of luxury and comfort is transiting to your fourth house. It is a good time to enjoy amenities. You will get the full blessings of your mother. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, it is a supportive time. You may enjoy a family trip during this period. 

  • People who are working from home will live a comfortable life. 

  • You will focus on making your house more luxurious and comfortable; you could even spend money on the beautification of your house. 

  • Professional success will give you happiness. 

  • You can easily balance both your personal and Professional life.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Virgo Sign 

Artistic planet Venus is transiting to your 3rd house. You will focus on making good relationships with your near ones, but you may have felt that others don’t give importance to your choices, leading to dissatisfaction. 

  • Money matters may trouble you, and you need to do hard work to earn money. 

  • It is a good time for the artist; you can use social media to publicize your work. 

  • Your communication will help you to get success. 

  • Some people may change their place; internal transfers are also possible. 

  • A short journey can help you to accumulate wealth. 

  • Unmarried love partners have a good time converting their love into marriage.

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Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Libra Sign 

Planets of gems and jewels Venus is transiting to your 2nd house. Accumulation of wealth will be your prime concern, for that you may follow unfair means of earning. Unexpected expenses can drain your savings. 

  • You would like to invest money in gems and jewellery. 

  • Your lustful nature creates an issue in partnership. You may have stress due to that. It is better to discuss the problem openly with your partner. 

  • You need to be careful with your lady boss. Due to her, you may have to face humiliation. Love life may face some challenges; think twice before speaking negative words. 


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Scorpio Sign 

Planets of beauty and charm are transiting to your lagan which denotes self, so you will make your personality impressive. After lots of effort, you may not be satisfied with your appearance. You may invest a large amount of money in beauty products. 

  • Married couples will enjoy a blissful life. 

  • People in business will also have a good time to flourish their business. Their goodwill will increase, and their brand will get name and fame. 

  • Your discretionary power will help you to filter out worthwhile from worthless. Earning will be good but take care of your expenses.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Sagittarius Sign 

Planet of bed pleasure Venus is going to transit to your 12th house. It is a difficult time from a health point of view. Take care of your food habits and follow a set routine to avoid unnecessary expenses. Your lustfulness increases, but you would feel less warmth in the relationship. 

  • People working in MNC companies may have good gains. 

  • To avoid expenses, invest money in a long-term plan. 

  • Love life would be disturbed; it is better to wait for a positive period and not make any negative decisions. 

  • You may spend money to buy expensive gadgets, and in future, you may face financial crunches, so better to take care of your pocket before spending money.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Capricorn Sign 

Venus is transiting to your 11th house. It is a perfect time for professional success. Promotion or salary rise is possible. It will increase your social status. Your creative work can give you recognition. You would like to enjoy life with your friends and To Maintain it; you will spend money on social gatherings. 

  • People will enjoy your company because of your nature. 

  • Social networking will help you to generate new leads in your career. 

  • A love relationship will be very good; you will enjoy parties with your love partner. 

  • Students have a good time for their higher studies. 

  • Enjoyment, entertainment will be your top priorities.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Aquarius Sign 

Venus is transiting to your 10th house, the house of profession. Your luck will support you. You may face professional difficulties, but with the help of a higher authority, you will be able to sort out problems easily. Information technology, Interior designing, Hospitality, film, and the food industry have a very good time to flourish, so people connected with this industry will grow with it. 

  • You will enjoy all the amenities with your family. 

  • Chances to buy a new vehicle. 

  • Materialistic comfort can reduce your bank balance. 

  • Love life will be normal.


Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2021 on Pisces Sign

Venus is transiting to your 9th house. It is beneficial for the student who is in the research field or doing higher studies. Their knowledge base will be strong. You may focus on religious activity. Creative writing will provide name and fame. 

  • Professional difficulties can be resolved with proper communication. 

  • You may not get the results of your hard work immediately, but continuing with your efforts will provide you with fruits in the future. 

  • In a love life, your bonding will strengthen, and you will get good care and support from your partner.


Astrologer Deepa.

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